ogre battle

Eva, you might not be clicking on the leader of the unit. Only unit leaders can recruit… so make sure the knight you’re trying to recruit with is the unit leader.

I’ve wanted to play this, and tactics ogre. I probably wont be able to find either of them anymore.

Also, make a note of Gilbert and his Wyrms. Once you upgrade his beasts, his high speed and movement make for a great offensive/defensive unit since he pretty much can outrun anyone and chip away at the enemy’s HP real fast. Using a hit-and-run strategy with him, combined with a tank-like unit like Sin and Arac suggested (Although I prefer SK’s setup: 2 Paladins in front, 1 Princess and 2 Liches in the back) to advance trough the most heavily transited routes, you got yourself a duo that can really screw over the enemy. Especially if you are playing defensive. For a third boost, get Slust with a Zombie Dragon and a Tiamat (Just in case the enemy has white magic) and he’ll be the greatest defensive post you’ll ever see.

Just remember, get someone else to take the cities, because these guys’ ALI is going down the drain.

But that’ll make me not get the best ending because my units are evil.

I’ve gotten pretty far in the game before, doing all of the right things and yeah it took awhile. Where did I stop…Allamoot? Shangrilla? I rememeber those names. Once I got to this one level I was just bull dozed over because I kept worrying about alignment; so I deployed a bunch of stuff and couldn’t liberate the towns quick enough, plus the switching of units GRAH.

Yeah it’s tough be be both powerful and good in Ogre Battle…

Real life too.


What matters for that is who takes the cities, not who fights the enemy forces. Keep the three units I mentioned on the field to fend off the enemy advances and take advantage of the pauses between waves to send high-ALI units to take the cities. I got the best ending and had a maxed-out reputation throughout most of the game using this method.

Remember that once a city is liberated, which unit stands in it is meaningless. So, if a city is in the way of an enemy wave, you can station a damage-sponge unit (Slust/Tiamat/Zombie Dragon is perfect for this) in it and cut the attack right there. It is especially effective since units stationed on cities regain HP. As a matter of fact, most of the game you’ll be able to form a defensive perimeter with two or three cities in this fashion.

Also, remember that units stationed in Temples slowly gain ALI points, so it’s a good idea to keep your city-liberating units (Canopus, for example) in there to maximize their goodness.

Attempting an all high-ALI units game will drive you nuts. You’d have to switch units almost every battle to prevent them from getting too strong and re-adjust your strategy every single time. Any good commander has to know how to find balance between their honor and their battle effectiveness :slight_smile:

The only thing that matters for ending is your leader’s alignment, at least as I’ve far as I’ve ever seen; I’ve had all my dudes not in my leaders unit at Ali 0 and ended up with the best ending before.
Reputation probably helps too, but once I get Brunhild, I no longer give two shits about reputation, and thus never pay any attention to it.

Alignment comment is correct, only your leader matters.
Your reputation however also does matter. However, your rep won’t take a hit if you have 1 party or 2 do all the liberating once you camp the enemy base.

I never knew that! Thanks for the tip SE!

Well, you can get the SNES version on emulator pretty easily. However, the PSX version of Tactics Ogre is extremely rare (hugs mine), and the chances of an English translation are close to nil since Dejap is dead, so I’m afraid you’re SOL on that one.

A last tidbit on recruitment: It was mentioned that this was useless, to which I agree… almost. Mages are really tough units to promote since you need a Wizard of high CHA but low ALI, you are really a lot better off just picking them up. You get one Mage as a story character, but I strongly advice on recruiting another unless you have the patience to turn Warren into one.

And if you are wondering why do you need two Mages, they promote into Sorcerers, which in turn promote into Liches, which means awesome triple area-magic pwnage.

Good strategy sir, I guess that’s what I’m going to do…after I get out of the teen-levels, since I need to upgrade everyone and stuff. Grah just a few more levels to go…

I personally get five mages and make two units, one with three lich and one with two. The one with two has a Princess in the back and two Evil ones up in front, the one with three has a Princess and a Dragoon in Front. Both of them are nearly unstoppable.

Another good unit is one that has Slust, Fenril and Fogel in the front row, and Saradin and Yushis in the back. With this setup, you will be impervious to physical attacks, and still manage some pretty good magical support. As for Canopus, he’s useful for treasure hunting, if not much else.

You’d need five Undead Staffs and Rings though, and the Princess is not as great on the first row. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, just a bit of an overkill when you can develop simpler units and get the same result. I’d suggest doing it if you get the chance, but don’t go out of your way to assemble the second unit.

Ooooh, I hadn’t thought of that. Good idea.

Good point. Tristan can recruit Mages, so once you get him, you can bypass the annoying level-up requirement that Wizards have. Of course, you might have to make Mages anyway just to get up to that stage.

SK check your pms…

That’s too late. I like to have Mages by the time I hit Deneb, so before Diaspola. I have a tactic that I use and it works. I found that the mages Tristan recruited were inferior to the ones I leveled.

Deneb? That was the pumpkin witch, right? I hardly even knew Mages existed by that time :stuck_out_tongue: