Official RPGC Party Status Report Thread!

Party still in progress.

Jo the Mighty and Kraken are really good at hackeysack, also Walhalla makes it look easy, but the rest of us aren’t too bad. Surprisingly. SG just likes to think he’s really good at hackeysack and he’s all like, “AUAURRUARUR I used to be good at it!” lol you know I’m just clowning SG hugs :smiley:

Anyways, you guys should add on your own anecdotes about the party, cause I’m going to sleep! 'Night you all!

There was this one time in the chat… we were all talking… it was awesome…
Right shin?

I sooo wish I was there. ;_;

Same here, but instead of threatening people with threats, I just play SFA3.

Nobody beats ken

I might have to plan one of these sometime

You’re too nice Maz. You already forgot that zepp isn’t good at hackey sack. :stuck_out_tongue: He’s just really funny to watch playing. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s zepp, what did you expect?

BMO : Depends at what difficulty you’re playing, arcade medium I can cream him easily, his pattern’s too predictable. Capcom really fucked up his AI.

Equilibrium was awesome. That’s all that needs to be said. :victoly:

Oh yeah, and thanks again for the DUBOL FUJJ CAIK! (Can’t believe no one thought to say that.)

Well, I’m not going to go through all the trouble of logging our and logging in, so I’ll just use Charle’s name. This would be Jing typing!

Well… Being spotted at the airport was as easy as I expected, and they even had a big piece of cardboard saying JING. =P I have no idea where it is now, but anyway. This country is too hot! Aaah! But Frame’s house is cold, so I actually got sick. =P That was so ridiculous. Mostly it’s been pretty laid back with lots of people playing video games, and other people watching people playing video games, and SG complaining about everyone who played Megaman. Buuut we’ve been doing other things, too, except I’ve personally been staying inside as much as possible after this one walk to the park which was really really not pleasant. Right now I’m actually at Charle’s place, so I an way cooler than you all! Nyah! >_> Or something. Yeah, anyway, we saw Spicer-man 2 because someone in the planning thread said everyone would go to the movies, but that didn’t happen, so we went away on our own. This house is also not cold! And with no people yelling in the middle of the night we actually got some sleep. Sleep has not been in abundance during this meet, and neither has food. Someone tell those bakas that snacks do not count as groceries! =P Annnd… yeah, stuff. It’s awesome, everyone who did not come should be jealous as hell! Oh, and if you ever meet Spazzy, make sure to greet him where there is carpet or some other (semi)soft surface to land on. =P

JCharlemagne now.

hmmmmm… what happened… well I guess I’ll wait till all the pics are posted, I’ll make everyone do some kind of explanation of what goes on in each picture. or somthin.

lets seeeeee.

Got there at like 10ish
went to airport
found 984 via cardboard sign
put his junk in the car
and thats pretty much it, that took like 5 days.

“Why’d you die dude?? I can’t believe you!! All you had to do was just jump and shoot! And don’t die! It’s not that hard!”




Also: Charlemagne brought a ball-and-cup game, at which I was the undisputed master. I kick so much ass. :stuck_out_tongue:


SG is trying to beat Galamoth for the 30th time right now, he sucks.


Ah, I’m a teensy bit on the envious side. I’m glad you’re having fun.

Galamoth: Big yello lightning throwing boss in Castlevania SotN

I did beat it, with no items. Frameskip said he couldn’t do it, but he’s not very smart, so I laughed at him, and told him, “You’re not very smart.” :stuck_out_tongue:

And everyone here really DOES suck at Mega Man. Except me. :stuck_out_tongue: To beat Metal Man, you really only DO have to just jump and shoot, and these guys Couldn’t do it. Ahh, I’m so much BETTER at people at video games. :smiley:

Anyways, it’s been a hoot, but it’s still going! So, I’ll have more to say later, like when it’s done.:stuck_out_tongue:

This was about Metal Man? Hell, I can beat Metal Man easily, and I can’t even get past the first screen in the Elec Man stage. Ha ha.

Dude, I am awesome at Megaman. All Megamans except MMZ, which is fucking ridiculous. I don’t know what makes this one so much harder, it just is. I think the enemies take more damage off than normally.

MMZ was made based on the old ways where your pwnage is less than the enemy pwnage, strategy is necessary once more.