Official NIRVANA thread

Okay, boys and girls, here it is.
The Official Nirvana thread

Whoelse in here is a Nirvana fan?

Me, me! But you already knew that :stuck_out_tongue:

Smells Like Teen Spirit is listed as the best song of the last hundred years.

And, that’s what I’m proud of!
Smells Like Teen Spirit IS the best song written within the last 100 years! :smiley:

Some may say it’s overrated, I disagree.
That’s what makes the song so great.
All the hype around it.

Favorite Nirvana songs:

  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. Come As You Are
  3. Lithium
  4. You Know You’re Right
  5. Hairpsray Queen
  6. Aneurysm
  7. In Bloom
  8. Rape Me
  9. About a Girl
  10. Polly

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Favorite Nirvana Albums

  1. Nevermind
  2. In Utero
  3. Incesticide
  4. Unplugged
  5. Bleach
  6. From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

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To be honest, I think grunge music is horrible, with the exception of a few songs, and Alice in Chains. Nirvana’s just poor guitar playing and crappy whining vocals, but that’s just my opinion. A few of their songs are alright, like Smells like Teen spirit… a few friends of mine covered that actually, for a talent show.

Hey, man, that’s okay, you don’t have to like it.
It’s freedom of opinion. It’s all cool :slight_smile:
I mean, at least you were respectful.
There is anothe board I go to where people sit there and say shit like “It’s good Kurt killed himself” and crap like that and it pisses me off, you know?

Kurt killed himself?

Nirvana is really good, but overrated. The Pixies are better…

Nirvana is cool. Didn’t Kurt shoot himself? Or was it OD I can’t remember. Sucks ass that he did though.

From what I heard, he did a lot of coke and heroin(which apparently he was already doing a lot of, due to his stomache pains), and then shot himself in the head with a shotgun. What an interesting way of dying… But I suppose he was in enough pain as it was.

He shot himself in the head in 1992, died at the age of 27 sheds a tear
Oh well. We still have the Foo fighters.

April of 1994, actually. I think it was the 8th. I know because somebody sold me a used Sega Genesis the same day (yeah, that’s how my mind works).

Good music, “Teen Spirit” is more important as a symbol (the first single of “the movement”) than an actual song. Much like Nirvana is more important for “breaking” first and being “a breath of fresh air” that got better bands (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains) exposure and “props” they were overdue for (the Pixies and Sonic Youth got belated attention, too). Basically, Nirvana cause a paradigm shift in mainstream music; Mainstream went to them. “The Seattle Scene” and “alternative rock” (so called because it was truly different sounding stuff, echoes of punk and new wave, being played in tiny local scens, on indie labels and college stations where 10 people listened so the DJs were students and could experient to their heart’s content). The mainstream consisted of fuggin’ Poison and Ratt. And NKOTB and Vanilla Ice, too.

Naturally, after 10 years of being force fed that crap, Nirvana sounded like the Beatles, and Cobain comes off as some combination of Morrison and Hendrix.

But he wasn’t. He was just different (and better) than what people were used to. And it was pretty cool.

“Nevermind” became the #1 selling album in America at the expense of Michael Jackson’s current album at the time. It’s hard to realize now what that means, in a world where Michael Jackson is the discredited and reviled freak he is and Kurt Cobain has the mini-church around his life that he does, especially if you came of age “after the revolution” or even “during the revolution” (like me). But this was a big deal. NOBODY sold more records than Michael Jackson. It didn’t happen.

Nirvana’s music is pretty cool, and still worth a listen to me. But the Church of Kurt that has sprung up irritates me. Hero-worship and mindless martyring of the Dead is overdone. But little surprise that it happened, considering people were in a rush to Coronate him “Voice of a Generation”* and hype him up into being some rock messiah (in the wake of his death, I remember one rolling stone columnist, I think his name was David Fricke, going on MTV and anoninting him “the closest thing this generation had to a John Lennon.”) Dying when he did was VERY convenient for this movement.Kurt wasn’t physically or emotionally equipped to be the superstar people were trying to make him into. Being God is a very high-pressure gig.

In closing, good music still worth a listen today, but Nirvana is more important for what they symbolize than what they wrote.

  • (A title that really can’t be applied to anyone anymore with the divergence and factionalization of pop music, the most obvious schism being Rock and Rap. Cultural revolutions are also always better off with leaders and the Cult of Personality anyway.)

EDIT: Er, I mean, WITHOUT leaders and the cult of personality anyway. Oops. heh.

Originally posted by Gila-Monster
From what I heard, he did a lot of coke and heroin(which apparently he was already doing a lot of, due to his stomache pains), and then shot himself in the head with a shotgun. What an interesting way of dying… But I suppose he was in enough pain as it was.

He had 2-3 times of a lethal dosage of heroin in him when they found his body, meaning he couldn’t really have shot himself, but let’s not get into conspiracy theories about bitches from Hole.

I’m a big nirvana fan.

Nirvana was a good band, but I think that the hero worship is going a little far- especially since they aren’t THAT good. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the best album Nirvana made is Incesticide, period. At least in my entirely HUMBLE opinion. <_<

My fave songs by Nirvana- I’ll list my three favs:

  1. “Hairspray Queen”
  2. “Heart Shaped Box”
  3. Their cover of the Meat Puppet’s “Lake of Fire”

Some songs of theirs I really can’t stand- especially off of Nevermind. They have some good songs on there (Lounge Act, Something in the Way), but they are overshadowed by subpar songs like “Territorial Pissings” (which was done much better by Rosetta Stone).

I agree, Nrivana is a great band, although the hero worship is a little much, it’s warranted to a degree - he did open the doors for the seattle music scene to become mainstream. As such, he is pretty much one of the founders for modern day Grunge Scene.

If you’re really interested in Kurt Cobain, get a book called “Heavier than Heaven” by Charles R. Cross.

I just started liking there music recently… A friend of mine whos a huge fan got me hooked.

I like Nirvana, even though I don’t like Grunge much. There are a lot of better bands out there however.

I didn’t like Smells like teen spirit at all, I always preferred Come as you are, Lithium and In Bloom.