Of proms and girlfriends...

I have run in to a bit of a dillemma. My girlfriend wants desperately for me to take her to prom (she went so far as to make all of her preparations with out telling me), but alas, I cannot go. For one thing I don’t see the point in spending $200+ on one night. And for another I am a bit of an antisocial person, and prom is a huge morass of a social event.

I told her of these issues and she starts going on about me leading her on when I told her that I would try to attend or that I might go, but things are getting so confusing. I love her with all of my being, which made telling her that I definitely couldn’t go a very wrenching experience for me, but things are just so confusing.

Sorry about that, I just needed to get some things off of my chest. ignore this if you want. Comment if you truly must.

I think you should just go.

I’m in the same boat as you… (expect it’s the other way around)


I can’t. My parents (who control my money) won’t let me and my school requires guys to where tuxes, which rent for ~$100. So there is no real way I can attend, even if I wanted to. It all just sucks so badly. This morning I was so afraid that I had lost her over this mess. It was not a fun day to be deathstryike.

“Dtb!!!”? Que el infierno es dtb?

Dont be a wuss

Well if you can’t afford it tell her that.

I don’t want to embarass her by getting us both kicked out by not being dressed for the occasion (she ain’t old enough to go without an invitation). Otherwise I would go in a heartbeat, just to make her happy, dispite my disinclination toward social events. I feel so useless.

I already told her that I can’t afford it. She seems to understand better after things had some time to cool off, but she is still pissed because she already dropped the cash to have her stuff ready (dress, hair and the like.)

Dude, just go. If you really care about her enough, one night shouldn’t make a difference.

I don’t plan on going to my prom, because I don’t feel like celebrating the last “hurrah” of preppy little school. Community college is where life starts for me. So prom and all its little issues seem irrelavent to me. Im just not a school spirited person. I also dislike most of my peers as well, but we wont go there :cool:

Anyways, I feel for you, but just go. I may go to prom with my boyfriend if he’s free, and that will be what makes the night special for me, but if not, no big loss.

And well if you can’t really go one way or another, thats sad. Prom is usually a memorable night to some, and not having things go as planned can be upsetting. If she truely deems these (ridiculous) event as important, just do boyfriend-ly stuff to make up for it. She’ll see that not every trivial thing is as perfect as it can be. Or whatever.

EDIT:Disregard some of my comments, I posted late. So yeah. She’ll get over it. Just be there for her and stuff. Prom isn’t really what it’s cracked up to be.

Yeah, proms in general are overrated. There is no reason to spend that much money just for one night, excpet that it’s fun to get all dressed up, look fancy, and spend a night with your friends.
Consider your girlfriend though: how close your relationship is, how much prom night means to her (or how much she thinks it means to her), and use that to decide how important it is whether or not you go.
And yeah, it may be a bit of money, but if you can spare it, it saves you from all the little "what if"s down the road.
Either way, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Don’t start with me about prom issues, I can assure you that mine are far more annoying.

“Im just not a school spirited person. I also dislike most of my peers as well, but we wont go there” You too, eh? I can’t stand my school. Oh well, maybe by the time it is all said and done she’ll be over it, she’s one of the WAY too sensitive types, which sometimes makes me truly believe in opposites attracting since I am one of the least sensitive poeple the world has ever seen.

Dump that bitch

not a chance. we have our moments, but are quite devoted to each other (usually).

Prom night is like sex for women. Don’t deprive your girlfriend.

Well said, though not entirely correct :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, ask your parents for the money to at least rent a tux or something if you can.

Hey, Sin went with me to mine. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think he ended up hating it either. And I was very happy that he went. Looked very cute in a suit, too. <.< Couldn’t you do something to make the extra money, like sell yourself on the street… or more practically, do some tutoring, sell something on ebay, etc?

Deathstryke is noooooo Sinistral.

when i asked the all controlling bitches that are my mothers they literally busted out laughing. I guess they can’t understand that their computer geek is growing up a bit.

Just go, trust me man, theres worse things than being in a room with other people.

If money is an issue, get a job for a few weeks. Or is the prom really soon?