Of all the things that could crash in front of you on the highway...

It just HAD to be a truckload of bees.

Seriously. There are car accidents, and then there are trucks full of BEES. Next time you have an accident, just think about this. I’m sure it’ll give you some perspective. “Hey, I totaled my car, but at least the car in front of me didn’t have nine million angry bees in it!”

That’s a damn well lot of bees.

w00t psycho killer bees… ya gotta love 'em


I feel for those guys. That has to be terrifying. I’d loved to see a picture of all those swarming bees though. That would look awesome. From far away, natch. >_>

hugs Pierson I was gonna say that actually, doh. Must suck to bee them >_>

And the driver only got 20 stings? Stupid bees!

what kind of bees? africanized honey bees?

/me pointlaughs. HAHA!

Ouch, ouch, ouch… That can’t have been nice.

o_O that sucks.

Bad luck x2.

The driver should consider himself lucky to come out of that alive. 9 million bees are an awfull lot.And a picture of the bees would have been cool to see.

Holy shit, that’s crazy. That driver is lucky to only get 20 stings from that many bees. Whoa. :eek:

fucking hell :-/ I bet he’s thanking god he isn’t allergic to them. That would not have been a pretty sight by anyone’s standards.

bees?? BEES? Jesus christ!

I think we can all say it at the same time.

Holy shit thats alot of bees!! :eek:

i bet the guy is glad they wernt killer bees.

did any one see that movie?

i thought it was lame. :moogle:

You die. Now.

Damn, I must admit THAT is a lot of bees.

But what I want to know, what did they do with all that honey?

Ouch, sucks to be them.