Of all the monsters in all the FFs I've played...

None scare the absolute shit out of me more than the FFIV Behemoth. I started replaying FFIV, and when I got to Bahamut’s cave and fought the Behemoths, I literally cringed when I saw them. These things scare the hell outta me. Why? Simple.

  1. Just LOOK at these things! For a Pixelly image, it’s damn scary!

  2. you can’t run away from them. oh, sure, in the Lunarian Core, you can, but the Three in Bahamut’s cave, you gotta stick around to finish off.

  3. They’re so tough, they actually get the Boss music played for them. And they DESERVE it, let me tell you.

  4. They counter any attack you might make witha powerful counter. And any magic used results in Storm, a party-encompassing Weak spell that leasves your guys with single digits of HP.

And lo, this is why the FFIV Behemoths are the scariest monsters I’ll ever see in any FF Game. Go ahead and speak whatever the hell you think of this proclamation.

Pfffftttt… I laugh at your fear of Behemoths! For they are NOTHING compared to the might of FF6’s Pugs. Those dudes gave me NIGHTMARES.

ph33r teh behemoths.

Rar, me scare Valkyrie Esker!

But I’m better!

But none of you shall ever beat… Dragon Grass!

I always hated Malbros…

In X-2, when you get to the dungeon with Tonberries walking around, you know how some stand at the edge of a bunch of platforms and wait for you? I sat there and stared for about a minute straight, and freaked. I have an intense fear of them that carries through all the games, and seeing this one just waiting for me made me almost seizure.

Of course, then I kicked its ass in a few hits. I had skipped the area where you first meet them and thus thought they’d be uberbosses for this area XD

That only applies to games, though. It is on my things to do list to get a plush Tonberry and carry it around with me, then yell out GRUDGE! or KARMA! or CHEF’S KNIFE! and make it attack people.

Of course you could very well say that the Mega Tonberries in that dungeon fulfilled the requisite uber-nastiness. :sunglasses:

Originally posted by Born_Loser
I always hated Malbros…

You should see the ones in FFXI.

Ohh, i cant wait! my new comp(settled for a compaq wth just enough hardware to run FFxi)should ship oout March 6th or 7th.

Also, in the original FF1… the centipedes around Cressent Lake scared me too.

Well, technically it’s a boss, but I’ve always hated Ozma in FFIX. That sphere drove me to no end and forced me to level all my characters to level 99 just to kill it. It was highly satisfying when I finally did it will relative ease though.

When I ran into Omega Weapon AS A WANDERING MONSTER in X2 I ran like a little girl! (Val is my witness, I was playing the game while talking to her on ICQ!!) Later, however, with the right levels and abilities, I kicked their asses. :slight_smile:

BTW, I never got to kill Omega in FF5. Anyone here did?

Edit: Oh, btw, I FOUND out the origin of the Tonberrys! (the ones in FFXI, at least- but it makes a LOT of sense) I always wondered just WHAT they were and why they acted the way they did. I’ll reveal it in the next FFC update.

I have, but it was REALLY FUKKING HARD.

The only monster to ever make me run like a little girl was that green dragon in FF9. the one’s that are random encounters that you can get to easily in the first disk by climbing that vine in Gizamalukes Grotto.

Originally posted by Born_Loser
The only monster to ever make me run like a little girl was that green dragon in FF9. the one’s that are random encounters that you can get to easily in the first disk by climbing that vine in Gizamalukes Grotto.

Those are Grand Dragons. They were what I used to level up my peolple to level 99 to take out Ozma.

Pssh. Grand Dragons are nothing once you have Lv. 5 Death. :mwahaha:

Yeah, but what are the chances of having level 5 death in the first disk ?

Well, you can get it right at the start of the second disc, in Cleyra.

And Behemoths can’t kill Edge with Image on. >>

Those grand dragons were a nightmare on disc one, I just had to avoid them.

I hated emerald weapon the most, especially when I accidentally ran into it when I hadn’t saved my game for ages.

I couldn’t beat those Bahamuts for ages neither. You beat them yet?

The two worst things that ever happened yto me in FF, besides losing my savestates on the NES FF1, was a) getting Cloud’s Ultimate Weapon stolen by a magic pot in the northern crater. And passing up Ragnarok when you return to Midgar. Getting stomped 20 times in a row by Necron in FF9 was pretty bad too.