O_o O...M...F...G!

Say it ain’t so…

I am praying to every deity that can think of that this is some sort of sick joke or a big-ass rumor…

Uhh, say WHAT ain’t so? Seriously, all I got was something about Superman…and…that was about it. That article made no fucking sense whatsoever.

Although from what I gather from PA, AICN is nowhere near reliable or trustworthy.

Heard about that long ago.

Yea, ditto on what X said. I can’t make sense of any of that shit.

It was an article some guy did about a scrtpt he aquired for a supposed upcoming Superman movie, from what I gather.

And it sounds like they’re raping the continuity with a white-hot spiked dildo.

Well, from what I scraped inbetween tangents, there was some sorta sucky Superman movie script that WB was supposedly gonna use. Sounded bogus to me.

[edit: damn, GG beat me to it]

That is fucking dumb. Nuff said.

Was it absolutely necessary to make that the title of your thread? And over something this stupid? I’m not gonna whine about it everytime someone says that, but when its sticking out like a sore thumb on the message board up, it is really offensive, at least to me.

Meh. I wouldn’t have gone to the movie anyway.

Easily deceived or duped.


  1. A whore. 2. Real easy. 3. Last night. 4. While I was having sex with her.

Dumbass who has sex with old, wrinkly women.

The world does not need another Superman movie. It didn’t need the Hulk or Daredevil movies either. All those comic rips offs aren’t even worth fuckin’ seein’.

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
And it sounds like they’re raping the continuity with a white-hot spiked dildo.

Thats funny- I hate Superman, I think he is the stupidest most vapid superhero ever. I was talking about how Luthor was stupider though, and all he would need to do was fashion a spiked dildo out of kryptonite- THAT would kill America’s most tight-assed superhero.

In the script…
I was hoping to do this on a slightly larger scale, SUPERMAN… but here we are. And the only way for me to be the good soldier is to tell you the truth.
(intense, evil beat)
No, that pod the CIA recovered… it wasn’t yours.
A long insane dramatic beat – and just as we get it:

Oh my god.

Today’s forecast for stupid and bogus material is total crap.

I never really been that into Superman, but I think I will wait to see what happens at a later date, when there is a higher chance for better info.

Suonds like Grade A bullshit to me.

It can’t be as bad as Star Trek Enterprise, that has to be impossible. Has to be.

I haven’t watched Superman, so I don’t know anything about him: Except that he’s suppoed to leap tall building in one jump, break needles on his skin, and so on.

Is there anything you don’t hate CC?