Now I know why I love Link to the Past and Link's Awakening so much.

Because after playing them into the ground for the last 17 years I’m still discovering something new in them.

The most recent discovery for me was the Chicken Girl in the house in the Northwest corner of Kakariko Village.

And before those of you who were already in the know laugh at me for my ignorance. I wish it to be known that the purpose of this thread was simply to praise these games for having such clever little easter eggs.

You may commence laughter…Now!

Haha! Wait, what little chicken girl?

Originally Posted by TrkJac
Wait, what little chicken girl?

She’s not a girl she’s the Chicken Boo.

Or to be a little bit more precise she’s a chicken that you can change into a girl with a sprinkle of powder. Who then warns you not to tease the cuccos lest you would face the wrath of the weather vein.

Never saw that one. O_o

And what about the Cuccos attacking you if you tease them too much? I’m sure there’s a moral there.

links awakening is my favorite zelda ever. maybe PH will overtake it once i play it, since the plot seems somewhat similar.

LA has a surprising amount of replay value for a 14 year old game o_O…what with the secret seashells/heart pieces/item trading subplot

Link’s Awakening has both my favourite and most hated Zelda moments in it:


Worst: That room. You know the one, in the second dungeon. I mean, how the fuck woild I know what a POLS VOICE was? That damn place is right up there with the barrel in Sonic’s Carnival Night Zone in my list of chilhood nightmares.

I knew what a Pols Voice was… it was one of the enemies in the original Zelda. 8p

Phantom Hourglass is unfortunately nowhere near as immersive as LA was, oddly enough, despite the much better graphics and interaction. LA had a much more interesting story and characters.

I was six and could just barely make out the words in English with my mother’s help. And in any case, that was a fucking rabbit, there was no way of knowing the name just by that. Give me a better clue, damnit.

The DX version was a little nicer in that the clue was altered slightly to tell you the Pols Voice was “trapped”. Of course, that still left you to figure out which of the other two was Stalfos.

But yeah, Link’s Awakening probably has more replay value for me than any other RPG/Adventure/Whatever Zelda is considered these days, except for Chrono Trigger. It was the first game I ever beat without ever owning or renting it - they had a demo unit set up at a nearby Target store, and I went there as often as I could, praying no one had erased my save game from the previous visit. :stuck_out_tongue:

What was the Pols Voice? I remember being stuck in the second dungeon for months on end as I wouldn’t try to use the powder in the second, dark room.

Also, 20th seashell. I can’t find that half the time

The rabbit.

i wonder if the opinion that LA is the best zelda is as common in the general public as it is on these forums…and if so, why has there not been a return to the island :frowning:

though it could be nostalgia. LA was the first zelda game for me and i played it when i was like, 7, as im sure alot of other posters did

Uh, because the island does not exist anymore?

Phantom Hourglass is more or less the same deal only… well, not quite as good.

I don’t think LA is the best Zelda - that’s a toss-up between OoT and LttP for me. But it’s much better than PH.

Not that PH is a bad Zelda game by any means or measure. (For bad Zelda games, look at the licensed CDI games, those are really the only ones.)

LA was an amazing game and I used to play it into the ground when I was younger. It’s also the game that helped me meet my fiancee so I do love it. I would have to say that LA, OOT, LTTP and TP are my favourites, not necessarily in that order either. More of a general “they’re all awesomelicious” way.

I’d actually disagree with that. There are some measures by which PH is a bad game. In particular, while the gameplay is a lot of fun, the story and presentation are childish and almost laughable. I honestly felt little to no reason to keep playing other than to see what gameplay innovations would be thrown my way. Even games like Oracle of Ages or Minish Cap had some story and characters with some interest to them. This seemed like a bunch of neat things to do with a stylus capped with a big ocean.

It took two tries for me to figure out who was what in that room. But what got me was gaining entry into the Castle namely due to the fact that I didn’t know what to do with the Dog Food. >.<

Right now I’m still looking for more ways to have fun with Marin. The most recent attempt was when I brought her to the South Face Shrine to destroy all that she believed in. But alas, she would not have any of that. (And yes I’m already aware of many of the obvious ones like the crane game.)

Btw, who else had the shit scared out of them by their first encounter with the ghost?

LA was a good one, but it’s still fairly far down on my list of favorite Zelda games. Recently Twilight Princess completely blew away OOT as my favorite. The final boss battle alone is just stunning, and really puts your skills with the game to the test in every aspect. The regular bosses are innovative as well to the point where I wish the fights were longer.

TP was for the first Zelda game in which I was Not compelled to do as much as I can. I agree with you that the boss fights were probably the best the series has seen in a long time, but I don’t think I have ever seen such a phoned in inventory/set of skills in all my 19 years of gaming. Also the characters felt rather uninspired or in some cases too inspired (So this great and mighty race that constructed a castle in the sky were nothing more than a bunch of butt ugly chickens? Ugh!)

I actually prefer PH or MC over TP.