Nothing to say but..."Hey!"

Okay, maybe I should give you more of an intro than that…well, I’m from Australia, and are moving around the country a lot as my mum lives in one part, and my dad lives in another. I love writing fanfictions, and basically write whenever I can get my hands on a computer, and well…I also play RPGs, of course! :mwahaha:

Well…nothing else to say, but…hi! :wave:

Welcome to RPGC! Australians rock man, at EVERYTHING. We all love Australia, its cause we are the damn best! Hell yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, Welcome to the boards, hope you have lots of fun :slight_smile:

Welcome to the boards. Check your sanity at the door, or donate it to someone at the nearest insane asylum (not here). Beware of thieves, tacklers, and face-eaters.

In fact it would prbably be a good idea for you to take this gives Leilani a large rubber mallet. It might work to repel some of the attacks.

Welcome. Guard your face some people eat them here. I just eat muffins. Would you like one? offers him a muffin

Hai. Fight the power (of 10 characters).

RPGC: Dra uhmo Bmyla frana ‘Al-Bhed’ ec Yllabdat

Big Nutter

Hi, Welcome to RPGC. Hope you like the place. Beware of curmudgeons who’ll complain about everything you say. I’m Wilfredo, oldest person here, but I don’t act my age, so no problem there. Available for advice, fanfiction, and lame jokes. Also birthday parties, bar mithzbas and bachelorette parties. :hahaha;

I’ll just say one thing about me: Name Say’s All!

big nutter

Welcome. Enjoy your stay.

BN you scare me. So you must scare the N00b. You should stop,

j0. Ten char limit.

Do you like Kingdom Hearts? If not, welcome!

Welcome to “I’m a stupid moron who can’t remember his lines dot com”. Anyways, I’m Strong Bad, and you don’t know it yet, but I’m da reason you’re here. Check me out! … no, seriously, check me out.

I’m Yar Kramer. I’m the welcoming committee. And WILDMAN can kiss his own ass.

I’m Lilith! HIIIII!!!11111111elevenses [glomps Leilani and starts licking her soul]

Hi, I’m Dizzy! … no, uh, that’s my name!

And I’m the personification of Windows ME! Hi there! :slight_smile:


Hey Lalani, ya know it may not look it but everyone here is actually really nice. Except BigNutter, he is just completely and truly insane, so just ignore everything he says. ::dekar!::

Anyway, enjoy your stay.

And Heaven’s Soldier, he tells you to ignore everything people say just because they’re insane, which applies to everyone here, so you should ignore everything HE says! :3

Hmm…good grammar, proper capitalisation…yeah, you’re gonna fit in just fine. :slight_smile:

Welcome to RPGC. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Hey and welcome and stuff!

Hi. <!-- wee, 10 chars dont count for meeee -->

Wait, I just realized – Leilani’s another clone! First we had, in no particular order, SpazCat (Starstorm), Evangeline (Evangelion), and some other dudes, but Leilani’s a clone of Nulani! D’OH!