Courageous teacher prevents another “Columbine” style massacre- on the same town, to boot:

Bravo for him! There are no casualties so far, though one child is in critical condition…

If he is in a critical condition, he’s a casualty. But, yes, bravo. It’s always nice when tragedies are averted.

Why is my home such a shitshow?

Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood. What the hell goes through people’s minds when they are naming their kids?

“You can say you’re sorry, but you can’t replace the fear and hurt he’s put in innocent people. He’s put a hole inside of me.” Did he shoot his dad too?

I’d say what the hell kind of a name is Bruco, but at the same time, I pushed my fiance until he agreed we use Ryu as a middle name because I love BoF so much. So I can’t talk.

Kasey…what did you name your kids?

I would have been okay with it if you had said Street Fighter, but, as you didn’t, I find the decision entirely reprehensible!

Sounds like Eastwood needed some serious psychological help. Anyway, tackling an armed man is very foolhardy but very brave too.

The difference between a fool and a hero is whether or not the fool gets away with it.

You guys are completely missing the point! Yeah, what this guy did was dangerous and foolish, but think about how much pussy he’ll get! This is America: we think of the pussy!

Probably the same logic that convinced him to get married.

Baddum ching!

I think I should start a movement against gay marriage in solidarity with homosexual men and women who don’t want the laws of this great nation to take away their excuse not to commit.

audience laughter dubbed in over obviously not laughing audience

Did the father of the shooter ever y’know, take him to see a psychiatrist or something? Those symptoms seem like pretty big indicators of mental instability.

If all children were mandated to carry guns in schools then these things wouldn’t happen.

He’s right! We’d never have mass murders! We’d just have a slow trickle of deaths instead! Who’s with us!?

Better yet, use gunblades.

Even better yet: Instead of schools, we sleep in tubes that educate us. After we are educated, we are shipped off to whatever job we were educated in and work there until the age of 64. After that age, we live it up in the Bahamas as erectile disfunction sets in.

This idea brought to you by Post-E-Vac.

…Wait, What? Looks at Kasey’s avatar You named your son- Beck, Morrissey, AND Ryu?? What, couldn’t you make your minds up?

(Well, at least no matter what they call him in school, it’ll be cool!) :wink: