Not sure if this is the right place, but...

Hi, i’m new here. It took a while to get this thing running, but I’m here. So… hi

Hey there…welcome to the boards. Hope you enjoy your stay.

sings the Cheers theme

Steve and SaviorSteve should fight to the death to see who keeps the steve name!

Welcome Savior Steve to the forum. I’m relatively new here too, but when the time comes to fight Steve to the death, do it for your namesake.

Welcome! We haven’t had a newbie thread in a while…

jinxes the board

Anyway, give me your sanity and you’ll be fine.

Well, a fight could possibly be avoided, if you can copyright the Steve name.

Just send me $500, and I will subpeona Steve on trademark violation…

I get 10% on all winnings, in inclusion to expenses paid for the court case.

Why am I not surprised you’re a lawyer too?

Here’s my logic:

laywers = crooked

PC = crooked


PC = lawyer

Of course, he wouldn’t be in the one talking to the judge and witnesses at trial…He’ll be the one waving money in the judge’s/jury’s face :hahaha; .

Hey, enjoy your stay :wave:

Welcome,enjoy your stay.

Hello. Do not eat the food. You must eat peoples faces.

Welcome to “I’m a stupid moron who can’t remember his lines dot com.” Anyways, I’m Strong Bad, and you don’t know it yet, but I’m da reason you’re here. Check me out! … No, seriously, check me out!

Hi, I’m Yar Kramer. I’m the welcoming committee. Especially when Smith gets involved.

You called, Mr. Kramer?

HIIIII!!!11111elevenses [glomps New Steve and starts licking his soul]

I am Seraph, guardian of de Oracre. I wirr greet you properry, but first I must aporogize.


I’m also new here, and i decided to hijack this thread with my lovely sig of metroids.


,(o0o), Squee!

Welcome, dood!

NOT THE <strike>MAMA</strike> STEVE!
Anywho, welcome to the boards, me.

Welcome, I’m pretty new too, to the boards anyway.

New here as well, although I didn’t see a place for intros, so I just skipped it.

If you want, you can just go ahead and make a thread. We usualy don;t get a WHOLE lot of newbies.

Oddly enough, we always seem to get intro threads in “waves”. We get a bunch of them, then we go a long time without any, then we get a bunch more, and so on and so forth.

I’m not sure why, but it’s been that way as long as I’ve been here.

And I’ll be the fifth newbie or so to say hi here. Don’t mind the “join date”…I posted like twice back then; so technically I am new.