Not sure if this is the right place, but...

Lol. Hi to all new people :stuck_out_tongue:

does the welcome dance… for all the new people

That’s strange, I never even thought to do that…

I started posting a day or two ago… maybe more, I’m not really sure as I am not inclined to pay attention to the days sighs

Welcome, and join in the fun… No really you should, everyone here seems to be crazy? And I like it. smiles

Much more fun than Live journal nods

Hello all you other new people. Please enjoy your stay, and please remember to keep all limbs inside the vehicle while its moving. The exits are at the back locked and gaurded by two or three dragons, so your stuck here. Also, we are not responsible for your items, if they are lost or stolen question PC since he most likely has them and will return them for a Large sum of money. Thank you.

So you are the one who handles customer services? Ok, what about missing limbs from disregarding the warning you so nicely provided?

Dear Savior Steve, (and also: Syl, Miltank, Spazcat, D. Krispin, Evanjeline, and anyone else who wants to be counted as a newbie)

Salve! Welcome and hello!

You have saved a number of people much time in introducing yourselves all in the same thread. Be warned, once you actually become a regular, you can never actually leave, no matter how hard you try. Enjoy your stay.

much love,

?Did you mean Slave?

Oh, and don’t worry I have no intention of leaving. Where would be the fun in that? But then again knowing my luck you all will be shooing me out the door before one month is out.

It’s Latin. Salve, like salutations.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome’ and steals your identity.

Ok, I guess I didn’t learn that one… Excuse my ignorance smiles

My knowledge of Latin goes as far as the songs I learned and not as far as hospitality.

If that’s a catgirl in your sig, you offically rock and I will offically drool over you.

Hello, nice to meet ya. You must be one of the clones some have been speaking of. ^^

Thank you for the welcome and the warning. I don’t think I’ll mind not being able to leave, especially considering what is guarding the exits. <eyes dragons warily> I wonder how much of a match a cat such as I will be for the two of them.