Non smoker breaking up with someone who smokes?

Is that a valid enough reason? If anyone here is a non smoker and despises the act and how it makes the person smell, have you ever broken up with them over it?

I’d have to be extremely lovestruck to go out with a smoker to begin with.

It makes them smell like shit, it makes you smell like shit, and you get to share the ‘benefits’ of the cancer sticks just being around. I never understood what was the fucking point to begin with.

Yeah, sure, chemicals, brain, feels good, all a lie, yadayada. But it still makes no logical sense even taking that in account. The financial and health loss is huge.

She never smokes around me. The real only reason I went through with it is because she said she was trying to quit, and since we started dating she cut down a lot. There was even a period when she went a whole month without a single cigarette. Recently she’s been getting out of hand, going behind my back. She doesnt even try to cover it up anymore, yet when she does all it does is let on that she had smoked.

What are you looking to us for a valid reason for? If it’s a dealbreaker for you, break the deal. You don’t need a yay or nay from us.

I once broke up with a girl because she DIDN’T smoke. I mean, I don’t smoke either (aside from the rare victory cigar), but I’ll be damned if my woman’s not going to smoke cigarettes.

Zero’s first line is all you need. But I’d say yes, breaking up with someone because they do something disgusting that can kill you is reasonable.

But if you decide you wanna stay with her and think she has what it takes to quit, those new electronic cigarettes might help her on the way. Throwing that out there.

She smokes, she pokes :wink:

If she doesn’t do it around you and it isn’t detrimental to your health, I don’t see the problem. However if you find it disgusting and it turns you off, go for it. She’s doing it behind your back. That’s rather disrespectful. Poke her one last time (or not), move on, and find a girl that fits your standards.

No. But I did break it off with a guy because he had a major b.o. problem. Smokers don’t bother me half as much as people who refuse to bathe more than once a week.

She took up smoking while you dated? Otherwise you got what you bargained for.

I second Zero and Rig’s claims.

If her quitting was part of the deal, then it sounds like your deal’s off. :\

Well I smoke, and no, nobody has ever broken up with me because of it. I’ve dated… I dunno, three or four non smokers?

Well that just means they didn’t mind it terribly. Not everyone is able to accept/tolerate certain habits around them on a regular basis. I can tolerate friends smoking (thankfully I have none, so I don’t really need to deal with it) but I draw the line at having a smoker live with me.

As another example, a girl who’d demands of me to go to church every sunday is a girl who’s gonna learn to negotiate and find some middleground or to go back to her left hand when it’s a cold night.

You should just not date

It’s a lot better

As long as you follow your own advice.

That way, fewer pessimists breed. Everyone wins!

Honestly, it seems like a shallow reason, but what the heck do I know about relationships.

Anyway, secondhand smoke can really impact your health… but it would be easy for the other person simply to not smoke around you. My dad smoked for 9 years when I was growing up, but I never knew till years later because he always smoked outside the house.

If this was a dealbreaker, you shouldn’t have dated her in the first place.

If everything else is fine, then I would stay with her. If you care about her, try to get her to quit. Differing opinions on whether or not to have kids is a big thing. Fighting all the time is a big thing. Cheating is a big thing. Smoking is NOT a big thing. Of course, I used to smoke, so maybe I’m biased, but that’s just how I see it.

No matter what your decision, if it makes you uncomfortable you should discuss it with her, and not a bunch of strangers. I’d find that pretty insulting if I were her.

What the fuck?! Can’t you make a decision on your own when it comes to women? Are you so incapable of figuring out whether or not what you’re thinking about makes any sense for yourself? Is a video games forum full of nerds really the place to ask these questions?

And you know what? You should just dump the bitch so you can feel better about going to the bars with the other one.


Now you done it. You enraged Walhalla. You are so getting a bag full of fafard.

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