No one loves me. ;_;

Thats it.

I don’t know you well enough, but I suppose I could love you if I did.

Anyways, feeding a bad image of yourself won’t help people loving you. Just work on your self-steem and let life flow.

This topic is overdone.


I like your avvy, nessa :3

Originally posted by Dragonessa
This topic is overdone.

What she said.

and uh… Kitty avvie ^^ Hugs :3

I have… a perminition… I see a click in the future… I wonder what it could mean?

The Wizardmaster: I hate your sig, it sucks, change it.

Guys, be nice. We’ve been talking about this, neh? :stuck_out_tongue:
hugs Wizardmaster


I can’t really say that I <I>love</I> you :stuck_out_tongue:
But as far as I know, I like you as much as every one else…

No one loves me and I love no one!

You’ll get used to it.:hahaha;

<img src=“”> Who are you?

yeah who are you?
and 2nd question

Why do you post something like this?
it won’t help you get loved

:too bad; :too bad; :too bad;

Why Charle, why, why do you set my eyes on fire? Why? It burnssss ussss…
Ah, and consider yourself warned, too. It’s not funny.

I love you.

Um…yeah. You’re okay, dude. pats Wizardmaster on the back

and MK says Charle was death… hmmz your last post had Charle written all over it

I always knew who WM (the 2nd) was. And didn’t he have that funny bitch out with Caleb back when the ToB was up?

Ok, I don’t love you. Works for me.

Boo fucking hoo. You know that isn’t true- but

you won’t find love on a message board. Just sayin’.