Nirvana fans just read it and it certainly makes a lot of sense, oh well read and judge for yourself

The following is conjecture.

Supposedly, Courtney Love did it because he was threatening to leave the band. I heard that half of the note was in his handwriting detailing how he was leaving the band, and that the last part where he suddenly decided to commit suicide was in a different hand.

Courtney didn’t kill Kurt, my friend did.

Yes, because of course creating conspiracy theories for the next 200 years is really going to bring him back from the dead isn’t it? How about you use all that brain power you’re wasting hatching up stupid theories and iunno, try and create a resurrection spell or something.

Just let it lie for gods sake.

Dude, I have been saying that Courtney slew Kurt ever since the day after his death.

…and you’d be wrong. He blew his fucking brains out. Get over it. People kill themselves every day, and nobody makes this big a fuss about it for so many years. Yeah, it sucks that he died. But it sucks that Layne Staley died, too. Nobody is crying nearly as much about his death, and yet they were both under somewhat similar circumstances. GASP! Maybe Courtney killed Layne, too! :o

But it’s funny that nobody gives a fuck about say… John Benet Ramsey, a little girl who was obviously murdered by someone, and yet we give a fuck about some guy who WROTE A SUICIDE NOTE (no, not a “leaving the band” note- it’s pretty clear that it’s a suicide note… IN HIS HANDWRITING), and not only that- but the album Nevermind seems like one gigantic suicide note to me.

The most ironic thing about all this attention is that’s why he fucking killed himself. He had made it clear several times in his music and in interviews that he just wanted to be fucking left alone, so why don’t you just let dead rock stars lie? =p

I’m sorry if I’m abrasive about this, but I’m sick and tired of hearing it.

EDIT: Oh, and the chance of Courtney Love premeditating murder is slim to none. Most of the time she was too hopped up on drugs to tie her own shoe, let alone kill anyone. =p

Who’s Layne Staley? Oh, and I think he killed himself.

Alice in Chains’ lead singer.

Or better yet, make your OWN band.

Going by lyrics and interviews, it would seem the last thing Kurt would’ve wanted was for people to make a church out of him after his death. So of course, that’s exactly what his “fans” go out and do.

Loki: Well, I am crying as much; more in fact. :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s patently obvious that the junk killed Layne. 'Sides, his girl left this world before him; kinda hard to make a romantic murder conspiracy out of a guy when his girlfriend dies first – airtight alibi for her there.

I think I will. That will show you all! :mwahaha:

I’m in a band :o

No… Courtney Love killed him, too! CONSPIRACY!

And maybe his girlfriend is a ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE GIRLFRIEND JUNK MURDERER!

She does indeed look like a zombie.

EDIT- Oh, sorry Loki didn’t realize. Courtney Love still looks scary though.

No. Layne Stayley’s girlfriend.

I don’t know, dude, Jon-Benet Ramsey’s murder was in the news for months if not years after it happened.

Yeah, very true. But there are REAL unsolved murders out there- and I’m just quite frankly a little peeved that people keep focusing on one junkie’s suicide like someone murdered a God or something.

He wasn’t a god, but he did record music that resonated with a hell of a lot of people. The real reason why people “give a fuck about” him ultimately has nothing to do with his suicide in and of itself, and everything with their admiration of that music. Writing him off as “one junkie” trivializes that.

And it was just on CN8 news 2 days ago. On their “most mysterious” list, or something like that.

Now thats always been a murder that has fascinated me. Not the killing, but the investigation.

Yeah, he was semi-talented, and a lot of people do love and even feel for the music that Nirvana created, but to be honest I think that a lot of people are taking this too far. This conspiracy theory has little to do with actual admiration of the music, and everything about deifying a human being who clearly didn’t want to be deified. I mean, I love Nirvana’s music- they have some pretty sweet stuff in Incesticide and In Utero, but… I’m not going to join the tin foil headed cult of the Nirvanites. There is a point when admiration goes too far.


Yeah, the cops mishandled that one big time.

what about John Lennon? Is that different to you? And if so, is that only because you like his work or actions or personality or whatever more?