Nintendo DS. Y/N?

It’s christmas and I work in retail, thus more hours for me. I’ve been considering getting a DS with the extra cash I’ll have earnt. It would make the task of purchasing the DS alot easier if some of you people would try to “sell” it to me.

So yeah, Tell me why it’s so good and shit.

2 words.

Trauma Center.

More words. Lawyer game with bitch named “Oldbag”.

Castlevania:Dawn of Sorrow
Mario and Luigi:Partners in Time

Mario Kart is apparently very good.

Everyone who wants to buy the DS and the PSP should ask themselves: is it worth the money they’ll put into it? Its like how I asked Dave, how can you justify spending that much money on the PSP? Playing portables on your couch in front of your tv doesn’t justify the purchase unless you want the games that badly imo. The DS is cheap though, so its not such a big deal as with the PSP.

But think on the other side. Now that Christmas is over, your hours are going to get cut bigtime. You’ll be poor for the next four months, and can’t really afford that many games for it.

Now that you’re rich forever, I’d buy it. Buy Animal Crossing and test it out for me too, cause I still haven’t opened mine.

The rule of thumb when choosing between the PSP and the DS is whether you’re looking for a handheld gaming system or a portable media player that also plays a rather mediocre selection of games.

Now, the DS is good for a few reasons. First off, it continues the line of great GBA titles with games like Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. It also plays GBA games so if you’ve got a GBA you can sell it off to make some more cash. Further it has Mario Kart DS, which is a phenomenal game. And when it comes to online potential it defeats the PSP in leaps and bounds. Animal Crossing, Tony Hawk and Mario Kart DS are the only online games out right now, and while they online services are extremely limited in MKDS at least, they are great online. Finally, the DS is a fair amount cheaper and has greater battery life than the PSP.

I love how BOTH of the handheld threads bring the system’s competitors into the discussion when the person who made the topic is asking about the one system in general.

Anyway, the system plays your old GBA games, the touch screen is good for inputting data, and Mario Kart DS is just that damn good. Playing with people online is fun too. Oh and the new Castlevania is supposed to be good.

I love playing portables on my couch (or bed) in front of the TV, because that way I can be playing a game AND watching TV at the same time, which is a big deal to me (besides, portable games nowadays are usually at least as fun as console games (to me anyway), so it’s not like it’s a sacrifice to be playing handheld games instead of console games). I don’t really like running around in public playing a portable, because when I’m out in public, I usually have better things to do than play video games.

Anyway, of course the competition is brought up in the DS and PSP thread, because for most people, they are choosing between one or the other, so information on both systems is relevant in the decision to buy either system.

Just, uh, don’t sell your GBA if you get a DS, unless you have a Gameboy Color or something, or don’t have any GB or GBC games, since the DS won’t play those.

I’d just like to add a few points things. The games I’m really interested in are Mario 64 DS and Animal Crossing (They’re the only games I’ve really looked into). MKDS looks interesting, but I’ve played enough of the Mario Kart games that it just doesn’t interest me.

As for how I’ll be using it? I’ve ‘recently’ moved closer to the city. Public transport is usually the better option. I’ll also be getting one of those USB Penis thingys so that when I’m at home I can raid TDs town for shit.

In regards to the cash flow; I’ve been getting more hours but I’ve also become single ‘recently’. Alot more money to go around these days. :wink:

You will love the DS, Rudaroo. Besides your choice of Mario 64 and Animal Crossing (both fun games), you also have some decent side games to choice from like Yoshi Touch N Go, which is arcade like platformer where you can’t control Yoshi directly, but you use the pencil to draw paths for Yoshi to get him to move past pits or stop for a moment while a monster attack. which you can then kill them by drawing a balloon around them. It gets really fun when things get fast paces…especially when you know that only one hit will kill Yoshi!

I agree with all of this. I have only seen one or two games for PSP I desperately need to play on that system and both are re-releases (Valkyrie Profile and Tales of Eternia).

Advance Wars DS rocks!

To hell with the DS, get a psp.

Your arguement is very good. I will give up on the DS and get a PSP, ignoring what everyone else has said because your arguement is so good.

I thank you sir.

Edit: <b>Bugger it all.</b>
They sold out of the DS + MKDS bundles, but they had plenty of DS’s on their own sitting there and even more copies of MKDS. :\

Luckily, one of the stores is having a sale in which you can get Mario 64 DS and a DS for the same price as a normal bundle. Imma grab it tomorrow, I hope. <_<

Oh yeah, get a game system with maybe ten games, all are either ports or bad sequels to existing games. But you wanted to watch movies that you alreadly owned…sorry, but you have to buy them again for another 20 dollars…which you could use the money paid for these movies to buy a damn dvd player.

Plus there is this little defect…

I think you can see that the PSP is not a good idea to buy right now.

Neither the DS or PSP has that many good games right now :stuck_out_tongue:

The movie thing’s only good if you’re like me and you convert pirated shit (movies, music videos, shit like that) to mpeg4 format. And the defect thing is bullshit :stuck_out_tongue: Guy’s got his index finger extended over the R shoulder button onto the eject button… with the system pointed at a downward angle. The disc pops out a little so it can be taken out when you eject it. So yeah, if you’re an idiot the game can go flying :stuck_out_tongue:

The DS currently has a ton of good games, and several must haves.

The PSP has Lumines.

Depends on what kind of games you like, doesn’t it?

Not my fault you have poor taste in games!