Nightwish-Once. Appreciate it

Anyone listen to nightwish? For lack of better comparison, there like Evenecense, except…Good. That’s not to say Evanesence isnt good, they just cant compare to Nightwish. Appreciate them. Get their new album Once. Download Nemo or Romanticide.


Umm… I wouldn’t compare Evanescence and Nightwish at all. Nightwish is operatic metal and Evanescence is pop (and not bad pop at that- certainly not even near my favorite, but not horrible). About the only thing I could compare is the vocalists’ ethereal voice quality.

Couple people I know compared them to Evanesence. I dont see it either. The best part about Evanecnese’s exsistance is that now the doors are finally opening for bands like Nightwish, Lacuna coil, etc.

Well, I know several people who have been parading around Nightwish’s existance way before Evanescence. Trust me, there are some fanatics on this board, although one of them doesn’t post as much as he used to. I’m going to leave that a neutral phrase cough.

I think Evanescence and Nightwishhave nothing to do with eachother at all. I’ve been a fan of nightwish for ages now, and comparing their songs, I don’t see why people would compare them.

So, what are your favorite songs? I like ‘Beauty & the Beast’, ‘Stargazers’, ‘Bless the Child’…

Heh. Hmm… Nah, I’ve known about Nightwish for a few years now. They were one of the first Euro metal bands I got into.

I didn’t say that you didn’t. I just said that a lot of people on these boards already know about them. =p

Right, I know. All I’m saying is that people who like Evan, would like Nightwish cos of the “etherial” air of their respective singers. Not to mention Once is pretty freakin heavy, and songs like Dark Chest and Romanticide are sure to win evan fans over.

My favorites include Planet Hell, Romanticide (still havent figured that out? :P) Beauty and the Beast, The Carpenter, Kinslayer, that instrumental from oceanborn Crownless, Slaying the Dreamer, and Nymphomanic Phantasia.

Ahhh. My bad
…stupid 70 second rule grumble grumble

I see nothing Ethereal about Amy Lee.

BTW, I bet her real name is Emily, but she changed because it doesn’t suit a rock singer.

Edit: I’ve never seen a single imageof this band, but I have theirsongs in my HD and I gotta say I love After Forever. Who else’s into it?

Yeah, I got one of their albums. Dont remmber the name of it… but it’s good stuff. Also check out eden bridge, tristania, Seraphim and Dark Moor. Also good female fronted metal.

Here comes the genre machine with his fucking labelling again.

As for Nightwish,

I’ve heard a few songsa by Nighjtwish. They seem pretty good. I need to find the damn CD of theirs soon. they have them. And free shipping and nice and speedy-like.

The second link requires you to have BitTorrent installed.

Meh, for some reason I can’t stand Nightwish.

I downloaded a few of their songs, and I’m very impressed. European bands deserve more attention in the U.S.

You are correct. It’s been happening more and more, what with The recent tours, and the Ozzfest lineup, but they’ve still got a ways to go.

Hades, I don’t know why every time I post a comment on a music thread you have to automatically attack me. I swear to God if I said “The Beatles were a damned good rock band” you’d say “FUCKING GENRE NAZI!”