Normally, I don’t have nightmares or dreams, but when I do, they’re not nice.

I don’t exactly remember each nightmare that I’ve had before, but these have stuck into my mind like a knife and won’t dislodge themselves…

Dream #1:

I’m a young female, around the age of 18-19, walking home late at night with another female friend of mine. Our neighbourhood isn’t that great, in fact, it’s horrible. Gang riots, drug lords, drive-bys, you name it. I have no clue why I was walking home…especially since all that happens in my town, but I was. After a while of walking, we hear some loud bass music up ahead, seems like someone is throwing a party. We don’t see anyone, but suddenly, from the bushes pop out a bunch of gang members with guns. They try to chase us, and after a while, they catch us. Nearby, is a huge ledge, like a cliff almost, and below that is a gushing, deep river. They take us to the ledge and process to beat on us. After a while, they take out their guns and shoot my friend in the back, as I watch her body go limp. Dead. They push her off the cliff and into the river. As for me…they try to shoot out my eyes, but I cover my eyes up with my hands and they shoot through my hands and my eyes at the same time. Crying, they tie me up with thick rope. They proceed to shoot me in the legs and arms, and finally in my stomach. I feel death creep up to me, and I am pushed off the cliff to my demise…I wake up, sweating and scared.

This dream was far too realistic. I woke up and felt as if my eyes were going to explode. I could actually feel the pain from my dream, or so it seemed. It was so realistic that I do have a feeling that MAYBE it may have been a dead spirit calling out to me, telling me how they died, or something.

Dream #2:

This dream happened pretty recently. I was in a building, at a family reunion with everyone from my immediate and distant family. It was loud since everyone was having fun and chatting, but then the hostess spoke up and told everyone to wait right here while she went and got the food prepared. We waited. I got a bit tired of waiting and went to the open window for a breath of fresh air. Someone, I don’t remember who, but it was a guy, walked up to the window and started to say, “Nice, huh?” when all of the sudden, the window shut by itself. Knowing that it wasn’t the wind, the guy is like “WTF?!” when I hear it…and it gets louder…Tick…Tick…Tick…Tick…Everything blackens out…I could feel my intestines turning inside out. I could feel my death. I wake up, in my dream. I hear someone to tell me to not move, and I ask “What happened?”. They tell me that a bomb was planted in the building and that mostly everyone died, but a few survived, including myself. I try to open my eyes, but I cannot. I feel my eyes and it feels like my eyelids are melted over my face, which they were. The person told me not to try to open them, but I couldn’t help it. After a while of trying, I finally forced one open a bit and saw the person that I was talking to in a wheelchair, with their face mangled and their nose blown off. It was my mother. I asked if Stephen, my 11 yr old brother, was ok or not…and she said yeah. Then I woke up.

Now, share some of your nightmares/dreams with us. They don’t have to be descriptive, I just wanted to share those two, although I do have a lot of nightmares and dreams that I could share. :mwahaha:

Recently I had a dream which for some reason I felt like it was really, really important. Here.

This dream was a nap-dream. That is, I lay down to rest, fell asleep, but wasn’t very deep asleep because I didn’t intend to fall asleep. In it I was floating over a field which for some reason I associated with my hand - I think it was because I fell asleep staring at my hand, and so somehow, when I was half-conscious, my hand got turned into this landscape, this field. It was completely barren, just brown, infertile, dusty soil all over everywhere. I was hovering above it. I flew over to the center of it and found a child dressed in orange robes (like, Buddhist-style), and I got the impression that I was his servant, but that I was late and the other servants had taken care of him, and that the other servants (which included a minotaur-sort of creature and something that looked like a cross between a pterodactyl and a human) and him weren’t too happy with me for having missed the time when I needed to help him. It was two thirty then - I was supposed to be there at noon - I knew this in the dream, but don’t know why.

Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye, a flash of green in the otherwise barren fields surrounding me. Since I knew I wasn’t really wanted among the other servants, I flew over there, and I saw that there was a chest in th emiddle of the green field, like a treasure chest in a video game, all brown and gold and obvious. So I got closer and I wanted to see what was inside the treasure chest, but then some noise or smell or something (my mom was cooking chicken) roused me enough from this so my consciousness was aware of the world outside of my dream, as my dream-self was aware of the fields around it and the treasure chest before it. I was aware of both realities (dream and actual), and at that moment I had a choice as to whether I could fall back asleep and see what was inside the buried treasure or wake up. I remembered that I had a lot of homework that I needed to do, for my writing class, so I decided to wake up and get it done. However, afterwards I just felt kind of crappy at my decision, so rather than doing the assignments for my class I wrote a poem about it, and didn’t do anything.

Oh well. :frowning:

The power of the internet can reveal the terrible secret of space, but I’m too lazy to find your dreams.

Interesting Mazrim lol Wish you would’ve found out what was in the treasure chest though :stuck_out_tongue:

“To dream of a bomb threat, suggests that you are experiencing some inner anger and/or pressures which are on the verge of exploding into violence.”

"To dream that you are murdered, suggests that some important and significant relationship has been severed and you are trying to disconnect yourself from your emotions. It also represents your unused talents. "

Heh…unused talents…I have talents?

Yeah, because obviously the same symbols mean the same exact things to everyone.

I dreamt I was a moron…

That’s because you are one, TD.

This might seem a little ridiculous, but lately I’ve been dreaming of bullying King Arthur and his knights.

Also a lot of people have been asking if I’m ready for something, but they don’t say what.

Of all the people who I thought would post that, you had to be the one, didn’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I dreamt I was stealing from Alexandria last night. I don’t really like Garnet. I think her guards were shooting at me?

lmao that’s a great dream…I’ve never had a dream involving video games before. I’ve had a few movie dreams, stuff like Jason, Freddy Krueger, Chucky…

And I have dreams about aliens…and the end of the world…

I can never remember any of the dreams/nightmares I have anymore, haven’t been able to for months now.

I had a dream I didn’t have to see dream threads anymore. It was fucking nice. It stuck with me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had a couple of weird dreams over the years…even a couple where I was aware that it was a dream. I’ve also had some dreams that involved games playing themselves out…in other words, seeing the games from a players-eye-view. Awhile before it came out, I dreamt of some weird version of FFX-2.
I havn’t had a true nightmare in years, and even then I never had any really bad ones. I have mostly surreal dreams. I could give a psychologist an aneurysm trying to interpret them. :mwahaha:

I once dreamed I was tossing and turning and couldn’t get to sleep. Oh, wait …

Something with a train, and then flying with wings, that was last night.

Tonights episode? I’ll see tommorow.

I always get these weird dreams that go nowhere. They’re not nightmares, but they’re not good dreams like marrying a model. They just distort reality and seem to go nowhere until I wake up or it forms into another pattern of dream. Weird, trippy shit…

There’s been other dream threads? lol

Yeah, and in all of 'em, I’ve at least mentioned my Agent Smith dream. See, it began with me looking down a stairwell and seeing all the Agent Smiths, a la Revolutions, and then he comes and gets me and clones himself off me ‘n’ shit, and I’m like,

urk … Could you … make the process … less painful?

1/ Nah, you’ll feel better in a minute.

Yar/ Hmm … You’re right! I feel fine!
Then I – or we – continue chasing some people, including through an abandoned church for some reason.

I actually once had a dream similar to that. I was lying awake in bed, but my body was completely numb. Like, you know how sometimes you sleep on your arm funny and can’t move or feel it in the morning? It was like that, exept on my whole body. Couldn’t move in the least bit. Twas a weird feeling…weirder when I woke up.

On that note, I’ve had some dreams where it SEEMED like I was waking up, but it turned out I still dreaming. :smiley: