I think my half-relationship is going well. I’ve made a lot of improvement since my last posts about my soon-to-be girlfriend. Anyways:

We have this bullshit filler class during first period in school (TAP?), and we really just discuss our weekends, and any breakthroughs we’ve noticed in our lives which no one really gives a fuck about, for about a half an hour. People spends this time really to socialize with one another, away from the group. So, she confronted me, and said, plainly, that she stopped cutting herself since she’s met me (this wasn’t said out of the blue, but the conversation led onto this somehow), and, yeah. Horjay for not cutting yourself!

The whole school had to get some vaccination done today, due to the recent discovery of Meningitis-C. We got in groups, and both her and I were in some group with other people. When she went up, she called me over, and asked me to hold her hand, 'cause she said she was scared shitless of needles. So I do so, and a few people laughed. Some staff was staring at us (school is hellbent on avoiding relationships), and didn’t say anything. That brief 2 minutes was probably the highlight of this year. She got embarassed afterwards, 'cause of the people laughing and smirking. I will get their names tomorrow, and I will terminate them the following day.

We were walking home one day, and she asked me if I’d like to exchange phonenumbers. I’m amazed. I say yes, but she will ask permission from her parents (which eventually was yes). I told her I will be a counsellor at the summer program* this year, and she will be coming there. So, we can like, be together and shit. I then asked her if she’d like to go to some movies with me (probably the first move I’ve really made), and she accepted.

Now I’m getting somewhere. But I still have to face the stress of actually telling her my feelings. Any hints? Comments?

*The summer program is really just a ‘camp’ at my school. We go there same time school would start, and leave about the same time school would end, on a daily basis. They get staff to bring us swimming, among other places such as museums and shit. They asked me if I’d like to be a counsellor, and I said yes, as long as the time would count towards my community hours, and they agreed.

Aww… you held her hand… that’s so cute :o

Seriously. Good job man :slight_smile:

Yeah, don’t chicken out and keep going like this, since you are evidently much more interesting IRL than you are here.

Now just try not to make an ass of yourself and you’ll be all set.

You’re this close to getting laid! Good job?

Way to go, Cal!

Just curious, but have you had any girlfriends besides her? You seem pretty excited. If this is a first-time thing then congratulations. If not then well you must like her a lot to get so happy over hand-holding, so again congratulations. :toast:

Oh, Cal is the character in my avatar, Cal isn’t my actual name. :stuck_out_tongue: By the way, I found Wild ARMs 2 BRAND-NEW, for 25$ with tax! D: Too bad I got no monies this week! D:

Just curious, but have you had any girlfriends besides her?

Besides her? She isn’t even the first yet. This is still in the ‘attraction stage’. But I know what you meant, so, no. She will be the first.

No he’s not! God! You don’t understand women at all! >:(

It’s irony.

Bring her to RPGC. This is the next step to getting laid.

She has no computer, otherwise I would.

pork her?


She’s really a man.

What is it with chicks and fake suicide?

I don’t think slitting wrists counts as faking suicide. From what I understand, it’s more of a “lessen the pain thing.” But that’s just my view, I have no personal experience or know anyone who does. Besides here.

Well, I suppose you’re right. Somewhat ironic that hurting oneself actually reduces pain [on other levels], but what do I know?

As for the whole dating thing, men older than you will certainly agree on this. It doesn’t get easier with age!! It’s better to get some, ah, ‘practice’ in while you’re still young.

Sounds good. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t listen to any advice to bring her here. That’ll kill it forever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and by the way, anything that happens… beyond the age limit for most public places…

tell everyone here all the details. :smiley:

Yeah, that’s the REAL next step to getting laid. :stuck_out_tongue: