Newbie Time!

Hi. I’m new. rimshot So, how’s it going. I’m just here because my boyfriend posts here. Care to play twenty questions to see who he is?

[retarded question] is he a boy? [/retarded question]

Seriously though, hi and welcome to the boards.

Hi newbie! Welcome to RPGC. Enjoy yourself. :wave:

20 questions, huh? Okay, first question:

Who is he?



Princefireball: Yes. pats Princey on the head

GG Crono 4: Hey, yes or no questions only! I think…

Dragon Tear: Well ‘hi’ yourself!

Okay…yes or no question…

Will you tell us who he is?

GG Crono 4: Hm, I’l tell you if from now on I can call you GG.


That’s what I like being called 'round these parts anyway. :hahaha;

On another note, I think you an’ me are gonna get along juuust fine. :cool:

Sorry GG. I have a bf. Iiiiiit’s… Dante! (Fury, that is.)

Oh…kay! Good for him. :slight_smile:

Yes, but better for me. laughs evilly


BTW, if you don’t mind me asking, did you ever play the obscure-yet-awesome N64 game Mischief Makers? (For those who dont know, there’s a character named Sarrie in that game.)

:mwahaha: : Hey… I do all the evil laughing around here

(yes I’m aware that Dante had him at one time, but he’s MINE now)

Originally posted by Sarrie
Dragon Tear: Well ‘hi’ yourself!

Hey, I already like you. passes some worms want some? Excellent year. munch

Nooo, not Kefie!

And GG, that’s for me to know and you to find out… more evil laughing No, I haven’t. Sooo, who else likes Equilibrium?

EDIT: Um, no thanks, I’ll pass Dragon Tear.

fine then… this frog guy is mine.

:runaway: : That’s right. Gotta run, bye.

EDIT: Ultros belongs to Macc Maverick :slight_smile:

Awww, and I spent so long on collecting them… ;.; eats them all alone
Hey char, want some worms? To the regular face eating, that is. I’m sure it goes good together.

Well, I’m off, cya!

Dante have girlfriend? pokes dantefury Newbie! pokes Sarrie

oops, wrong intorduction and welcoming…

Hello, I’m Chris-chris, your hafl blooded dragon who likes to bite people’s heads off. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, I’m usually nice. Just ask him! pokes dante some more Right Dante!

Anyway, if ya’ need any thing I’m here.

Chris-chris need new welcoming, huh guys? :too bad;

Do you two happen to know eachother in real life? Or is this an internet relationship?