New Zelda Pics

What’s wrong with realistic graphics? Frankly, that looks like an improved version of what we saw on OoT, and that’s excellent.

What? You’d rather have another Wind Waker?

Awesome graphics~ I might give this game a try when it comes out.

Displeased. I am unable to tell if link is his hot, sexy self or not in those pictures.


It’s just not the sort of graphics that would fit with intricate puzzles, odd side quests, and so forth; all the things that make Legend of Zelda Legend of Zelda.

Very impressive, I particularily like the way Link looks. That first monster looks terrible, but aside from that it looks excellent.


AGH, FUCKING GRAPHICS!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I fucking LOVED the graphics. They fit Zelda so much better! It’s SUPPOSED to be a fantasy world

question is when is it coming out to the US?

I saw a fanart of Link looking a bit more warrior looking instead of the normal man look. Twas very awesome. And these just make HIm look much better.

Zelda series is set, afterall, during a time peroid when weapons and armor was being used. Not modren time peroid… if you think about it.

Same here, Plus GBA-SP.

Best looking Link: could knock off Soul Calabur GC for best Link,

Big Nutter
Well, Exu-uuse Me, Princess!
(He is so Gonna Get a smack!)

I actually like the first monster CH. What’s wrong with it? o.x;


Well, for starters I dislike the realistic graphics because out of all the Zelda series games only two have had the realistic graphics. TLOZ may have been to early to define a true artform in the graphics so I base that upon the concept art. Link’s Adventure was obviously cartoony, LttP was also very cartoony. Link’s Awakening was in the same graphical design as LttP, the Oracle seasons the same as Link’s Awakening and the final three in the series Wind Waker, The Four Swords and The Minish Cap are all cartoony. OoT and MM are the only two. These ‘realistic’ graphics just don’t belong.

It appeals to a broader audience, which may make newer video game players who, while having heard of Zelda, didn’t want to play them because it looked like a kiddy game. The new LoZ game fits very well in the “Too Much Fun” campaign, and quite frankly, it’s a refreshing look.

But, once again, they’ll fuck it up.

Could someone please tell me it’s story? Please?


I thought Majora’s Mask was pretty cartoony, not as much as Wind Waker, but more than Ocarina of Time.

As for the first monster, it looks like it’s directly pulled from one of the N64 games, and it looks silly next to Link who looks much more graphically advanced than he did back then.

Yay! Jango’s cooler than ANY of you guys!

And Iga, what do you mean again?

I think it’s pretty clear what he means. Most people might not want to play the LoZ games because of their “kiddy-game” look.

Personally, LoZ was one of the few sagas that made a successful passage from 2D to 3D. Yes, OoT could have been better, but it was still a great game and the new look (Which wasn’t all that different anyway) favored it a lot.

Better linkage.

I like the direction in which they’re taking the graphics.