New Zelda Pics

Observe in awe.

Observes. In awe.

  • Drools *


Ooooooh, awwwwwww!

Fuckin’ awsome. Thanks Sinistral

Dammit, I thought I had enough reasons already to want a GameCube!


Dammit Sin, I so fricking want damn you

They’re nice, but somehow they don’t fit Legend of Zelda.

Holy flurking snit!

Yar: Fuck, go get one of you don’t already have one! Nul: How don’t they fit? :too bad:

Four day old dog shit is more Zelda then those. Gawd, first Nintendo lets Capcom make the handheld Zelda games and now they’re turning it into the Lord of the Rings…>.<

…What the hell is wrong with you? Did you bitch when Ocarina came out and had more realistic graphics than LttP?

Out of curiosity, and laziness, what’s the game about?

He does have a point though, it is very LOTR-ish.

I don’t really like Zelda… :too bad:

So. Damn. SECKSI. :hyperven:

Yes. Those graphics aren’t all too Zelda-like. But at least they had a Zelda like feel. In the first screen if you took out Link and replaced him with Gandalf and the monster with a Balrog you’d have an exact scene from the Lord of the Rings game that has the passage through Moria in it. I’m not gonna judge the game until I play it, but when you’ve been playing Zelda games since you were 4…you tend to jump to conclusions :stuck_out_tongue: