New Transformer Movie Teaser


So, was that Optimus Prime?

Given the whole “It was the only warning we would ever get,” I think it’s supposed to be a Decepticon, like Megatron or something.

Yeah I thought it was an evil dude, but the head looks like Optimus. I think

This could actually work.

The head didn’t look like Optimus to me. Most likely Megatron.

I wonder if Unicron will be in it?

Is it me, or did they show almost next to nothing in that?

That was lame. It was pretty much just saying what the movie is called, and showed 1 second flash of one of the robots.

Whoo, hype through suspense as to what it will actually be.

I’m BACK baby!!! The head looked too much like Megatron’s, and the robot was silver, not red, which would indicate it was Megatron. But what the heck was he doing on Mars?

Maybe the Decepticons got tired of trying to take over Earth and took over an easier planet instead.

Or maybe it’ll be something freaking stupid like “the Decepticons are from Mars.”

This screams 50’s B-movie to me. I dont know why, it just does.

In all honesty, Mars does look a lot like the Decepticon adopted home world of Char from the third season on. Without the lava flow and everything, so it might be they’d be right home on the red planet.

I was actually thinking maybe they’d been coming closer to Earth, and then eventually had gotten to Mars when the probe landed, and now they’re coming to Earth.

Maybe. <<

Or maybe the space shuttle went through a time warp and ended up on the Decipticon planet and now Earth is back in time!!!:hyperven:

That does make a lot of sense, as the tag line says, “It was the only warning we’d get.”

Mercury will save us.
(the face looks kinda like the transformers logo.)

I saw it tonight when I watched Pirates.

As long as they make the special swishy mechanical sounds when they transform…