New here.

Symphony X, OMGWTF! Somebody else who knows them! <3
And boo Train of Thought. Images & Words is better >_>

I was just thinking the same thing. Looks like this place wont suck so much after all.

And if Endless Sacrifice appeared on Images, I would be inclined to agree with you :slight_smile:

Pfft. Wait For Sleep.

almost there

Sorry, that’s only 2.5 minutes of greatness. Sacrifice is 11 minutes.

There’s some other band that sounds like Dream Theatre that I like a lot. I forgot what they were called though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah! That band. I know EXACTLY what band your talking about.

But i’m not quite sure. Could you elaborate a bit?

Liquid Tension Experiment? They sound a lot like them because they’re a project from them =P Not all the same members but a similar sound.

That could be. Its essentially a vocaless dream theater.

Not really. I know them- they’re okay. Sometimes they just won’t SHUT UP though.

Big hug, it’s Swedish.

Jing, you gave away my secret ;_; Now I need to find more swedish greetings >>

Ooops, sorry. >_>

Yes, don’t listen to Jing, Stor Kram really means Bend Over!

I have names like Vash’s.

My Full Name is:

Michael Angelo Monsoon Mochá da-Kaze (Someone farts) Ian Nutter Lloyd Andrew McBeth Du Bent Sharpe, The Forty-second.

Won’t that make hand hit your face?