New here.

Hi. I’m new. Favorite FF’s are VII, X, VI and Tactics. X-2 blew more goats then a horny farmer. Favorite Non FF’s are LUNAR:SSSC, Suikoden II, and XenoGears. I listen to heavy metal, lately I’ve been on a massive Nobuo Uematsu Binge, haven aquired 12 differetn soundtracks and comps. The black mages fookin rule! That’s all I’ve to say for now.

welcome. we won’t bite <strike>hard</strike>

Welcome to RPGC. Exits are located at the front and rear of the castle. Not that it matters, since you’ll never escape. :mwahaha:


Well, I better resign myself to fate.

Dear Dragons Revenge,

Salve! Hello and welcome!

I’ve never heard that one about blowing goats before. You’ve got a perverted mind DR. Enjoy your stay.

much love,

Dont get me started on the Richard Simmons analogies.

does the welcome dance

Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagon!!! :yipee: >_> Nevermind.

Hello and welcome. :wave:

I like your style. Even if I happen to disagree. Welcome to the boards. ;D

Oh, and Dream Theater is awesome. Just so the rest of you know.

Thanks for emphasizing that. Not many do know. :wink:

Who’s Dream Theater? Are they any good?

A band.

If you’ve heard Rush, Kansas or Queensryche, their kinda like that.

if not, then well… download the songs pull me under, fatal tragedy and Endless Sacrifice, and be forever kissed.

Scenes from a Memory is a great album. They’re pretty diverse, although they do have a certain sound.

Right. Each album is different in its own right. Train is fast becoming my all time favorite one.

Hi newbie,

I would like to say Hi from the killer of RPGC Threads, Merlin atually kills them,


Nice ! See the guy in my sig ? He totally pwns Uematsu and rest at Squeenix. Hunt his stuff down, you’ll love it if you enjoy metal and conventional VGM. :slight_smile:



Hmm… I wonder if he did that Neoclassical metal track from that streaming radio thing… I’ll check it out. Any particular songs?