New Gameboy technology unveiled


Kick… ass.


Ack, Nitendo, (checks back of his gameboy to check spelling, See RPGC rules the World)

Nintendo won’t be doing that for some time. But once it drops to $150 or £100 we’ll get it

Big Nutter
Egad, that rabite’s big! (BN KO’d by a rabite)


This is going to kickass.


Nifty nifty, gonna love to see what games are going to be like with it also what other applications it can be used for.

Very cool. Only one question: where does it say anything about Gameboys? Honestly, I hope they use it for that, but I don’t want to get excited about it until they relate this technology to the Gameboy line.

Holy shit, essentially it’s a HUD on an eyeset.

There are going to be SO MANY lawsuits again accidents with this thing.

Bing. It doesn’t, TD’s retarded.

Hey man, i already HAD this piece of technology, and it was called the R-zone

It was the most awesome piece of equipment EVER. It was like straping a laser pointer and a “Game and Watch” to your eye, while having painful beeping noises constaintly go off in your ear. It also came with a copy of the video game version of “Batman Forever”, which is right up there with the arcade classic “Bag Man”.

PS: Yes i know it doesn’t use the same technology, that is because this post is a joke. I am mearly comparing a horrible piece of technology to one that isn’t in exhistance yet and will cost thousands of dollars in order to be “funny”.

I saw it first, it was reported in Scientific American in 2002 :slight_smile:

Oooooooh kitty wants…


hn…I’m a little bit skeptical of this, remembering the migraine-inducing ‘Virtual Boy’ >.>

If by “skeptical” you mean, “totally excited for,” and “migraine-inducing” you mean, “awesomest system ever created,” then I agree. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, people need to stop hating on the Virtual Boy and put it on the pedestal it so richly deserves. How could you NOT fucking adore the Virtual Boy to pieces? Just thinking about it…ooh, what an awesome system. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh man.

-Mazrim Taim

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think of the pornographic possibilities!

Well, at the time I first played with it, I thought it was awesome and I would’ve been liek toly all over the VB…but it actually did give me a migraine. ;.;

Then again, the technology has improved since then. =p