New Gameboy technology unveiled

Cool. this might pave the way for VR technology.

oh man, the end is coming faster than expected.

Mazrim Taim, didn’t Faetan say you played on ‘Virtual Boy’ in her Rendevous stories? Do you have one.

It think i won’t make it to a ‘Hand Held’ due to the fact. you’ll be consterating on the image overlaying that bus that about to hit you.

Big Nutter

Having an image superimposed on your normal vision is less dangerous than, say, staring at a tiny screen while crossing the street.

high fives Maz Preach it, brutha!

The Vb never gave me migranes. Maybe a backache since the stand got broken and I ended up in some bizzare positions trying to play it, but…

VB rocked. remembers Teleroboxer and the one robot who smacks you around with her tits as a special attack

Back ache, - You mean like when trying to see the GBA screen with out a mini light attached, wlist playing in bed, when your spose to be asleep.

Big Nutter

Lets just hope this thing doesnt get internet acess. Imagine driving down the freeway then get zaped with a bunch of porn popups. It would be a good way to go…