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Cancer cured? Let’s hope not.

Could be interesting. A little vague on the details. I have strong doubts it will work. A lot of people have worked on a lot of different cancer vaccines and it really hasn’t worked for many reasons. Initiating immune responses against tumor antigens doesn’t mean inducing responses against tumors. There are further problems with getting the cells to home in to tumors and not being deactivated by tumor anti-immune defense systems that promote tumor growth. There is also no indication that tumors can’t evolve MUC1 negative phenotypes that no longer are susceptible to the vaccine itself if MUC1 is not necessary for survival. The list goes on.

I’ll spare everyone the immunology lecture. I’ll believe this when I see results. The fact they’re saying “maybe in 6 years…” means they’re really still pre-clinical.

I really hope that the treatment that’s just ridiculously massive doses of Vitamin C works better than this does.

If the trial goes as well as other vaccine trials, the vitamin c might work just as well with fewer side effects.

(Vitamin C is expensive urine. The body tosses out what you don’t need rapidly since it can’t stock it.)

Yeah, I’m not really sure about the idea behind mega-dosing on Vitamin C (other than that Vitamin C supposedly prevents/lowers the risk cancer and I guess somebody decided more is always better?), but it’s apparently fairly common in Mexico?

Yeah its all bullshit.

A senile Linus Pauling spearheaded the idea that megadosing on vitamin C, for the most part, did anything except waste your money. (he was wrong).

Well, it works for gout, iirc, but, yeah, not really a miracle drug. I remember reading up on it during my whole “fuck getting irradiated” phase.

If you had gout, trust me, you’d want something that works faster than super doses of vitamin C.

But an episode of House showed that it cured polio! I mean, I assume that was the final cure. I stopped watching after 40 minutes because, hey, the person was cured! No need to watch the rest of the show. Surprisingly, the guy who came up with the solution wasn’t part of the team the next episode. Man. He cured polio with vitamin C then was fired. What a drag.

Someone besides House cured the patient in House? Bullshit.

My favorite episode of house is the one where he gets shot and goes crazy.

If I had gout, I’d want a shotgun to the dome.

Oh fuck yes.

What is so bad about gout?

Gout is the accumulation of uric acid crystals within joints, usually in the big toes or knees. This leads to a really strong inflammatory response that is extremely painful and can literally grind away and remodel your bones.

Obviously, the cure is more settlements in the West Bank.

You know what I wonder? I wonder why, with all the discourse about the West Bank in Israel that there is, people haven’t made more Jew/bank jokes about it.

That’s a very good/surprising question. I’ve thought for a moment, so let me throw this at you.

I. Anti-semitism became pretty taboo sometime a couple decades ago. While this doesn’t prevent the use of anti-semitic language, it probably tamps down innovation.

II. Here in America, those who even know what the ‘West Bank’ means, are likely to be 1.) themselves jews or 2.) more highly educated and more sensitive to racist language, even in jest.

The kind of anti-semitic joke which refers to the jews as a people entirely obsessed by money, especially if we want to involve some wordplay, is usually (relatively) light-hearted when compared to the real, authentic anti-semitism that refers with vitriol to the alleged domination of the world/media/business by the jews for their own benefit to the exclusion of everyone else. This is the anti-semitism whose stock is rising in the world today, as practiced by many in the arab world, a disturbingly large portion of mine and Ben-Gurion’s comrades on the left, and apparently all Englishmen. It’s possible that those with light-hearted, joking intentions and those who wish destruction on the terrible, inhuman state of Israel are incapable of seeing this the same way.

You can still make anti-Zionist jokes though!