New console to hit stores in a few months

It’s not the XBox 360, or the PS3 or the N-Rev.

The Atari Flashback 2.0 is an almost complete replica of the Atari 2600 launched 30 years ago, and includes 40 games including Asteroids, Centipede, Milipede, Lunar Lander, Breakout, Missile Command and Combat, and also Pong! The pricing range will be around $40 CAD or $34 USD (or £19 for Pierson’s benefit >.>)

I still have an Atari 2600.

Kaboom! is the shit.

Dude, awesome. If I, like, had the slightest inclination to play any games that weren’t on my laptop …



…Lost in Pong.

Aww, they don’t have Custers Revenge or ET.

Just over £20 for a reasonable copy of a 20 year old system with a ton of obsolete classics? Fucking sold.

That sounds like it will be money better spent than the Xcox.

Why are they releasing it for the 2600’s 28th birthday? :confused:

Cuz Oldskool iz kool!

No, I mean, 2 more years and it would be the 30th Anniversary. Like, that would make more sense.

Maybe they thought people would be too caught up in the 360/PS3/Revolution in two years

20 squid? F-ing…




PONG!!! The father of all video games, PONG!!! oh, how i wish i were old enough to remember it… but i barely remember Mario.

Am I the only person who doesn’t really care? =P

Call me old fashioned, but I’ll always prefer the original cartridges to the things that are released all the time nowadays that already have games built in. I’m sure this one will probably have better emulation than those crappy joysticks that you plug into your TV, but still, it’s just not the same.

I think I’ll just stick to my Atari 7800 Supersystem. =D

Edit: Also, Pong is hardly the father of all video games. It wasn’t even close to being the first video game. It was even a rip-off of another video game that played almost exactly like it (I can’t remember its name… table tennis or something like that, possibly). Pong was definitely the first to experience the sort of wide-spread success it did, however.

Edit 2: The game I was thinking of was Ping Pong on the Odyssey. Atari even got sued over this (and they lost).

No, the oldies are nice and all, but they can’t really compare to games today that are better/more fun. :wink:

Pong is great for Partys… Let’s See, Quick to Pick up… Not hours-long game time… (Unless you and your opponent are really good.)


You could also go 2 years back, and that would make sense too! - although for it to make perfect sense, we’d be waiting for another 2572 years… SUCKS!


I don’t think you could have missed my point more. =P I was just saying I’d rather play an original Atari than this new thing that’s coming out. I find most games today either boring/uninteresting, or they take too much of a time comittment to play, so I rarely play them at all. =P