New Bliz game to be announced on May 19th

I can’t begin to even guess what kind of response it’ll generate because of WoW’s success. Its highly possible it’ll be another SC game.

Man… if it’s a new Starcraft game I’m buying a new computer.

If it’s a new game for their existing series, it’s definitely going to be SC. Warcraft has too much going for it with WoW right now to warrant a new series (with the introduction of The Black Temple and the rate that guilds are progressing towards the Battle of Mount Hyjal attunement, they have a lot of content still to deliver soon). Plus, you can’t add to a series five months after an expansion.

Diablo is a possibility, but unlikely. The genre of game is too similar to WoW, and they’ll essentially be stealing their own customers to play it.

StarCraft will attract SC fans, as well as people still playing Brood War and Warcraft III because they’re fans of blizzard RTS.

Hey doc, rapid heart beat here. What do we do?

It’s not gonna be SC2, because if it is it will suck.

Starcraft Ghost!


World of Starcraft?

Eh, I’d be very happy with a Starcraft 2, or something along those lines.

If it’s an RTS, I hope you don’t need to have 39 other people with you just to participate in some of the game’s later content.

40-man skirmish

Please let it be Starcraft II

A friend of mine works at blizzard and he recent said in a email “There are hints of a possible next Starcraft game, but I can’t really say much more than that >_>”.

They’re gonna fuck it up.

Most Common Wishes: A Global Survey

a)Peace on earth
b)Starcraft II
c)Money, money, money
d)Cure for cancer

Warcraft 3 was strategically sub-par (heroes and stuff) but I crave Starcraft II. And we can just hope it reaches the awesomeness incarnate of SC:BW.

Strategically sub-par… Right… It’s much deeper than SC ever was, I’m sorry that because it’s a little flashy it’s all of a sudden lost it’s roots.

WC3 isn’t strategically deep, and neither is SC. They’re bread and butter, simple RTS at its finest. It’s just that they’re really fun.

The strategy does exist. Choosing units that are strong against what your enemy is building, keeping knowledge of who’s controlling what and where on the map, other things along those lines. Nowhere near some other RTS, but it is there.

Hey, I liked the flashiness! In SC replays though, I’ve seen far weirder strategies, counter-counter-movements etc. than in WC3. I don’t consider WC deeper. People are still playing competitively SC.

I think I may reinstall WCII for [STRIKE]Lordaeron[/STRIKE] kicks.

Warcraft 3 is strategically more advanced than Starcraft if only because WC3 includes elevation. Being higher up than your enemies makes a supreme difference. But - WC3 came out after SC, so it’s expected to be more advanced.

Still - I found SC to be far more diversified than WC3 ever was. Maybe I’m wrong, but I always felt like there were more unit types in SC than in WC3. As such, there are more possibilities and more combinations which in the end make things more surprising and overall more fun.

Please GOD let it be Starcraft II!

Didn’t you guys know? Starcraft 2 came out about a month ago. Just that it’s called “Command and Conquer 3”.

Um… Starcraft has elevation and associated bonuses.

Aside from elevation and armor/attack types and all that, all the other strategy is just metagame. It’s not something they built into it knowing it would cause strategy. Every game ever made has some form of metagame that its community seems to think makes the game deep.
It doesn’t.