NES - How I Love Thee

You young whippersnappers don’t know what it was like back in the NES days. That was the golden age of video gaming. Why, in my day, we used to get video games free with magazine subscriptions. The only problem was that it was a 5 mile hike to get to the mailbox, through the snow, uphill BOTH WAYS!

Seriously though. I remember subscibing to Nintendo Power right after getting a NES. They sent me Dragon Warrior for free! That was my first RPG… Come to think of it, they’re kinda like drug dealers. The first one is free, then you get hooked and after that you have to pay. :mwahaha:

I still love the NES more than all my other consoles. (Especially my broken X-Box. DAMN YOU MICROSOFT!) I have it hooked up to my TV always. There are so many great games. Back then, almost everything was quality.

I’m not asking what the best console of all time was. (We all know it was the Jaguar.) I want to know how many of you still play their NES. What do you constantly go back to?

My name is Evil_Dave. And I am a Retro Gamer.

I sold my NES, but I still pick up the emulator every so often. There are a few games I still love on it (Zelda, FF3, StarTropics) but for most of them I just can’t look at the screen or listen to the bleeps any more. And most of the really good games have been remade with better graphics and sound by now (Metroid Zero… ahh, bliss).

My bro subscribed to Nintendo Power when we got our NES and we never received any free games! :frowning:

I still have the NES, but it’s broken. We had so few games anyway that I prefer playing on my comp now and I don’t mind the primitive graphics. DWIV is probably the game I replayed the most. I don’t have a huge collection of old consoles like other nerds here, so I have nothing more intense to say. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was some limited promotion, not everyone got Dragon Warrior free.

I think I own more games for the NES than any other system.

I love the classics. The nostalgia alone is great.

Hells yeah, I remember getting Dragon Warrior :smiley: That was like my first RPG :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, yeah. I still own a Nintendo, and it still works well, too. I don’t have as many games as I used to, unfortunately, but! At least I still have Mega Man 2. :smiley:

I wish they would make a new Kid Icarus.

I still have my NES and play it from time to time. I usually just go with the emulator though.

I still play the Zeldas, Mega Mans, Marios, Metroid, Contra, Castlevanias, Punchout, Base Wars (the best baseball game ever), Ninja Turtles, Metal Gears (eventhough I know Snake’s Revenge isn’t a part of the actual series), and Star Tropics.

Base Wars is frigging awesome! I just don’t like that you can’t play a season.

I have 107 NES games. That system’s pretty good, I guess…

Zelda used to bring me back to it every few months, but now I’ve got that for my Classic NES GBA SP. Now there’s just ol’ Kid Icarus, Dragon Quest/Warrior IV (since the first three were re-released on various platforms), Bionic Commando, Lolo, etc. Most of what I keep it for has been remade at some point.

I bought the retro GBA SP too.

And I already had a GBA.

OK, Whist, This is a NES Thead… Not GBa thead, I’ve got a Q about Nes Classics on GBA. I know that Mario Bros. was (kinda) 2 player on the NES, I knew someone who had it. I presume Bomberman could be also, but True Multi player.

Is it possible to play with 2 players on Nes CLassic games that did 2 player modes, playing presumably with GBA Link Lead, if Wireless tell me? If so, Which games are?


I know that the Marios on GBA all have the same multiplayer. You can link up and play the original Mario Bros. (Not Super.)

Other that that, I don’t know of any of the NES ports that allow multiplayer.

Hello, free-Dragon-Warrior-in-the-mail-from-Nintendo-Power brother!

Last I saw, the family NES worked ok (took some adjusting and wiggling and whatnot to get it to work, but it never had any problems once you got the old horse running). But since I don’t have one of my own, I’m stuck with emulators, which I guess I don’t mind really. I just need to get a PC controller, since I hate using the keyboard. >E

I most often return to Little Nemo and the Megamans (especially 3 <3 <3 <3) when I play it.

Excitebike. Nothing will ever be as great as Excitebike before my eyes. First game I ever played and still do once in a while.

Well I haven’t owned a NES system in many years (don’t know what happened to it) or any games, I still play them on the emulator kept on my laptop. Same deal with SNES and Genesis (even so I do own the SNES system itself still).

Doh, how could I have forgotten Little Nemo and Excitebike?

And I think only those of us who subscribed to NP in 1989 got the free Dragon Warriors. But, man, have I played the hell out of that game since then! I totally got my $0 out of that one! :smiley:

What about A Boy and His Blob?

I love/hate that game sooo much. Shakes fist.

Meh, the NES is extremely overrated. Sure it’s a great system and most of my fondest memories about games are based upon the NES but memories are always better then reality.

I loved the little nemo game almost as much as I liked the movie. That scepter was awesome.

:moogle: I had a bunch of movie games. like jaws, the goonies, and Friday the Thirteenth. It seemed every time a movie came out they got a game for the nes.

Little Nemo movie???