Ok, anyone else here like If you wont you could tell me your account name, and we could be neofriends. Mine is serene_rain.

Please come!!!


I used to play… it gets dull quickly.
Besides, it lost its realism.

I don’t think it has, oh well people are entitled to thier oppinions. :hahaha;

Hey kid, there this thing that we like to call ‘patience’ when dealing with message boards. And it sounds like you need a good bunch of it.

People will respond when people will respond. Patience, young grasshopper.

I do have patience!!! I was just trying to get somone to notice the bourd ok??? ._.

They will, trust me.

…ok back on subgect…waits

Neopets had realism? Odd, I missed that when I forced myself to like neopets when I was around 14, and I failed. I never got into the trend.

I’m on my wayyyyy!

If there wasn’t a ten year old reading this, I’d totally make sexual comments about your hot avatar.

You’d do that anyways, Hades. But yes, isn’t he appealing? And he has my name. Anyone named Ashley is bound to be sexy. I think he’s so right to represent me as an avatar. Anyways, neopets are nice, don’t you think? /Earthbound

Neopets is a good example of why I don’t play online games. Sorry.

KILL IT AND MAKE IT DIE, AND ALL WILL BE RIGHT WITH THE WORLD, well at least neopets will be gone, and I’ll be slightly happier.

If your all gonna say somthing like that why don’t you just not post.

Where’s the fun in that?

I wish I was this cool when I was 10. I was just one of those pre teens that lurked in the mortal kombat boards and thought I was tough stuff.

I fed mine untill it exploded.

Exchange the word “mine” with “my sister’s”, fed with “stole” and “untill it exploded” with “poke’mon”

That, of course, was when poke’mon was cool, and Yu-gi-oh hadn’t muscled in on it’s territory.

Haha! Ahhh poke’mon, the church was right, they really are sent by the devil to corupt the nation’s youth.