Neo Food of the Day

I feel like a turkey.

Food #3:
Olive Oil

Olive oil is good to cook stuff in, healthier than just plain vegetable oil. I also like it used as, for lack of a better term, a sauce. I’ve had some roasted pork before where olive oil was drizzled on it. Gave it a nice flavor. It’s also good to dip bread in if you have a little saucer of olive oil and pepper.

I like the bread drizzely thing when the oil is nice and warm. Its actually quite sensual- especially if you’re cooking for a date.

Olive Oil = Best on a Date. (How you interpret this is up to you.)

I cooked a grilled cheese sandwich with olive oil and it was one of the best grilled cheeses I’ve ever had. I like cooking with olive oil, but I don’t have it that often since I don’t cook while at school.

Olive oil is good to cook with. I don’t use it with bread so much, but my parents do.

Ugh. Damn you GAP.

I heard grape seed oil is healthier.

Why damn me? I believe olive oil is a good thing to serve with bread on a date. I see nothing ugh about that.

You made him think about his parents being sensual.

Olive oil was good enough to accept Athena as matron deity. Note that extra-virgin OO is the way to go.

Food #4:

Corn on the cob is good. I typically don’t eat it with butter. Creamed corn works well when making Brunswick stew. I’m not a big fan of corn kernals not on the cob.

Corn is no place for a mighty warrior.

I like corn.

Sweetcorn rocks, corn on the cob rocks, corn with taters rocks.

Face it. Corn rocks.

Missed the olive oil, but can’t say I really care about which specific oil I use, so no real comment there.

Well, I can’t help but say “I like corm”, but seriously. I like it. doesn’t really matter how it’s served, it’s still pretty nice.

Food #5:
Tomato Soup

Tomato soup can be good. Sprinkle a little bit of shredded cheese on top and it’s better. Ritz crackers also work well in it.

Never tried cold tomato soup. Don’t think I want to either.

It is good warm. Cannot imagine it would be good cold.

Tomato soup cold is practically V8 juice. Or is it the other way around? Regardless, soup is good.

Corn cooked in a camp fire still in its husk is delicious.

Corn = A-Maze-ing

No no no. You should have said A-MAIZE-Ing.