Neo Food of the Day

GAP made the original one. It was cool and all for a while. Then Setz came, and it died. I start a new one. GAP, feel free to take over once you have stable interweb.

To quote GAP from the original:
“This is where I name a food each day, and you tell me how much you love/hate/could care less about said food! You can do it in one word, in a sentence, in a paragraph, a haiku, an epic poem, a short story, a play, a ten page thesis about said food, a book, an encyclopaedia… I don’t care! Just tell me how much you like said food item. This food item can be a condiment, a main course, a sidedish… whatever. And if you want to comment on this food tomorrow… no problem! I don’t care- as long as you tell me what the Hell you’re talking about. I will number each one each day as well for ease.”

Food #1:
Sunflower Seeds

I personally like sunflower seeds. Some people shell them. Not me. I eat them whole. That also makes them last longer for me because they’re a bit saltier that way. I’m sure Sin and others will say it’s unsanitary, but whatever. I subscribe to the Child’s Theory of Raw Cookie Dough: “If I don’t know/think it will make me sick, it won’t make me sick.”

Who shells sunflower seeds? Whole all the way! I can’t say I love them, but they’re one of the signature snacks I’d always get when I was a kid! Between that and pumpkin seeds, I was a seed-eatin’ machine!

By the way, in case any of the old guard are looking: I’m GAP and I approve this thread! (:-P) I’m quite glad it’s back, in fact! I just hope that The 984 can keep up with the delicious, delicious demand (I’m sure he will, he’s a reploid, damnit!).

I do rather love sunflower seeds. And to answer your question GAP, I shell them.
I pop them into my mouth then crack the inner part out. Then throw away the shell.

A parrot loves sunflower seeds
smashes them, pecking with its beak,
and makes a cracking sound

content he shifts his scrawny feet
nibbles a bit and loudly shrieks
looking for more around

I love sunflower seeds, although I prefer them with out the shells. Are you even able to eat the shells?

I think you could eat the shells(I always spit them out), but they probably fuck up your digestive system.

I do like sunflower seeds. Too bad I have allergic reactions to sunflowers.

Food Type / Level of Enjoyment
Sunflower seeds = Occasionally.

I don’t know, the only sunflower seeds I tend to see are the ones we feed to birds in the winter. ^^
I’m quite sure I’ve eaten some of them anyway, and they’re good, I guess. But not really something that I eat often or even buy myself.

Not fond of them myself. I always found them rather tasteless, unless they were salted, in which case they tasted like salt.

Food #2:

I like turkey. I like it for Thanksgiving. I like it sliced deli style for sandwiches, cold or hot. I like little turkey breast thrown into a salad. It’s a good meat.

Every time Thanksgiving comes around, I think I like turkey, but then I remember that I don’t really like straight up turkey. I like mixing it with stuffing and frying it up. Then putting it on a sandwich. And I don’t mind deli turkey as long as it’s NOT glow in the dark.

Vegetarian, but back when I ate meat, turkey was middle-to-low on my list of meats. Above most pork products, but below chicken and red meat.

I love turkey. I honestly wish that I could have roast turkey throughout the year… it’s by far my favorite meat. This is especially true when combined with particularly good gravy and stuffing. Mmmmm…

Turkey = Yum (when moist and tender)/Ick (when dry as a bone)

Sunflower seeds are the weirdest food. I find they have no taste, no flavour, I barely notice eating them except they get stuck in my molars sometimes, but once I start I just can’t stop. D: I’m sure that’s a bad thing.

Turkey is good only if there’s gravy to go with it. I don’t care how perfectly cooked, it’s always too dry. But with gravy it’s delicious.

It’s no ham, though.

Turkey’s good when done right. If not, it doesn’t really taste like anything. Always good to have every once in a while though. Deli turkey falls a rung lower for me, since it can occasionally taste nasty as hell in a sandwich. (Why?!)

Turkey is good when cooked right, but also contains tryptophan which is a chemical that makes you sleepy, also sold in pill form as a sleep aid.

I like turkey so much that I took photographs of it on Christmas:

I’ve only eaten turkey once, but I really liked it.
Of course, it could be that if I eat it a few more times it’s not as good anymore because it’s not “wow, I’ve never had this before”, anymore.

With all the gravitas of my comment no. 3000 let me say: I like sliced turkey.

edit: supposing the numbering system worked. Let me say then with all the gravitas of my comment no. 2999 that I also like well-cooked turkey.