Region’s RPGCania, password is fish.

do you need help from the ADN? i have a few people i could contact

Is ok. Dont’ ask until they bring in more people.

I have added my country and penetrated their fortress. It’s go time (:-P).

I just signed up for the UN. RPGCania is fully backed by everything Mellowcorks has to offer.

They’re naming terms. I’ve given ours.

I think I’m joining this. But the site seems to be down right now.

I very much agree with our terms… now if that damned telegram would just come in so I could help kick the bastards out.

Nah, it’s not. It’s just really slow now.

So, er…what ARE our terms?

for them to get the fuck out of our region.

Our terms are gtfo.

Now, we need only one more endorsement!

i love the way negotiations run around here

Yah. We negotiate among ourselves, everyone else can get boned.

Edit: Gah, we need a roll call. I’m Felista III.

The 984 and Fargasta here! Only The 984 shall join the UN though. Hopefully The 984 shall get a spot on the Human Rights Commission, like Libya. :smiley:

What is this nationstates thing anyway

Jsut a way to while some tiem away. You create a nation and each day you get issues to decide on, which shape your nation. Not much outside of that.

Right now, htough, our region is being crashed. And thus we are rallying to evict the bitches.

Hidoi Ryuujin here. Ready to unleash the scourge of obscenely large mechs and that of gasp poor people upon the enemy.

Is this free?

It is. I used to have an account, but that was awhile ago. Still, try it out.