Um, if you have an account in nationstates, apply for the UN, and PM me, please. I just need this topic as a public attention grabber for those with NS accounts. It’s rather important, in-game wise :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh… I see. Ok, so who the fuck wants to take over our region?

PAssword’s fish, if anyone wants to help out.

It’s imperative that you endorse Hippy Communists (the last UN delegate), by the way. As soon as that nation gets Delegate status again I can start kicking people out :stuck_out_tongue:

I will as soon as I get UN status. Just make sure to put 'Fuck off, “Army of Ultimatum”! in the factbook entry

Fuck that, I’ll password protect the region after I boot them out to something only RPGCers would know :stuck_out_tongue:

Do both, and also make sure to put it: RPGCania will not tolerate any hostile takeover.

I havent checked that game in months.

I’m checking it now… and its gone.

Oh well. Bye.

Hey yeah, I haven’t been to NS lately (try past month and a half), but I’ll glady register my evil dictator in the UN to get rid of those bum. Heck, I might even get put on the Human Rights Commission thingy.

Heh. Just make a new account. I posted the password, if they change it, I’ll update.

This problem would’ve never happened Spaz had your original account not get deleted, Mr. Felista II.

984, this is my THIRD account.

sure, the Oppressed Peoples of Hidoi Ryuujin shall not fear any oppression save that from within.

I just signed up and joined, as the Free Land of Mellowcorks! Motto: “Our economy can beat up your economy!”

Also, I have teh best flag evar.

/me 's economy kicks the crap out of Mellowcork’s

Libertad! Libertad! Libertad!

Oh good, you’re here. Endorse Hippy Communists :stuck_out_tongue:

I would, but my UN mail hasn’t come in yet.

hey i didnt know people here played NS. ill move in right away.

Is it possible for me to withdraw from the UN after this mess is over? I skimmed the first few pages of resolutions and most of them go against all my nation stands for.

Yeah, it is. But we plan to retailiate.