Very free, Sin. Not much to it though, but it’s a way to watch your nation, especially when you take your chosen issues and watch things go a biiit out of control.

just curious, but how long does it usually take to get the friggin UN confirmation mail?


i think it says anywhere from 24-36 hours for the confirmation email

joy… I want those cock biters out now.

Ok, when you get your confirmation e-mails, accept U.N. status, and vote for Hippy Communists.

I’ve also reported them for improper in-game behavior

You won’t get UN delegate status until the next server update (every hour it seems) though.

server update happens early in the morning. i think 7 AM PST

Mellowcorks here, like I said before.

do you guys think I would get in trouble if I sent them a bunch of telegrams with links to various mirrors of Last Measure?

Most likely, yes.

I’d say definetly yes.

Don’t do any more inciting. Let’s save that for AFTER we kick them the fuck out of our region, hm? :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, I’ll be nice… at least until after they’re gone. I was real close to just letting my nation go before this occured.

I’ve just joined, under the nation “The Armed Republic of Farensarano.” Can i move from the south pacific to RPGCania?

Either move to (preferably) RPGCania (pw:fish) or to Agora. Agora is for those who have been ejected from RPGCania. And don’t forget to apply for the U.N. That’s where the real voting power is.

And they’re getting quite cocky in their statements. They don’t know that there’s a much larger community behind RPGCania :stuck_out_tongue:

prolly, but it sucks at the moment. you should probably just apply for the UN, then show up tomorrow for the kicking party.

All hail the Deus Ex Machina. If only the real UN worked as well and as fast as NS’. :stuck_out_tongue:

indeed. though I was relishing the thoughts of obscenely large mechs storming through they’re cities…

Yeah, their Delegate got deleted and the rest ejected from the U.N. Now all we have to do is step up security. Our password will be: merlin