Mysterious creature washed up on Russian coast

Looks like a demented muppet to me, but what do the rest of you think it could be? My gut says hoax.

I think it’s a dolphin or some-such sea mammal.

It could be an orca I suppose.

Yeah, it’s just some sea mammal’s skeleton with a bunch of gunk clinging to it.

It kinda looked like a muppet to me at first. I think they might have added the seeweeded like hair.

Then again the military could have used it for some hush hush project. That could be why the military took it away so quickly.

Or it’s a huge alligator…

The skeleton doesn’t look like an alligator at all. Maybe a little bit but not by much. I second the orca/other sea-mammal idea.

The teeth don’t match a crocodiles, not even the sea crocs. And there are no nostrils that I can see that a croc would have in the snout, indicating that it could be an orca or sea mammel.

It’s an ugly sucker nonetheless.

I think it looked like that from the beginning. :slight_smile:

It’s a skekzy from The Dark Crystal.

It’s a skekzy from The Dark Crystal.

Yes! I knew I saw something like that before. And as Ziggy posted,

Looks like a demented muppet to me

And the guy behind The Dark Crystal also did the Muppets.

But I think it’s the result of nuclear testing by Soviet scientists in an attempt to create an army of monsters to fight the US in the Cold War.

Or maybe it’s the result of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki back in '45. After all, they did say it was found near Japan.

It would make one mean mascot.

Not an orca

I actually second Ziggy’s comment that this might be a hoax. I have no clue what it could possibly be. The teeth are a little weird. It doesn’t straight out look like a normal carnivore and herbivores in the sea filter plancton. There is a distinct lack of limbs so its hard to figure out exactlyhow its supposed to move. The consistency of the skeleton is unusual considering where the skeleton is placed, how it is placed there.


I have studied marine life for 12years.
This IS without a doubt a Beluga whale.

Check the links provided by others above.
You will see the similarities.

Also, someone mentioned the teeth were flat.

This is a normal occurence for any aged mammal.

Id say this Beluga died of old age.

Very kool pic though.

Comment by jake — August 31, 2006 @ 2:11 pm

<a href=“”>Pic of beluga skull</a>

I think my money’s with this guy. Either that or orca.

It’s a Colossus. Viral marketing ftw. >.>

Likely a hoax. Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, there’s been a ton of pseudoscience coming out of Russia - psychics and UFOs and cryptozoology, oh my!

I don’t think its a sea mammal, because if it was, it wouldn’t be news.

It could be a new species. It wouldn’t be impossible. For instance, back in the 50s? they found a Coelicanth, which was believed to have been extinct for millions of years before they found one.

This thing looks pretty prehistoric, like a crocodile or something.

Strange carcasses (carcassi? whatever) occasionally wash up around the world. They are often the remains of known animals, just too decayed or half-eaten to be easily recognized.

And yes, people sometimes make hoaxes of this kind. Heck, back in the 1800’s, when paleontology was still a cool fad, some scientists would create false dinosaur fossils just to trick their rivals!

However, there HAVE been cases where carcasses like this have led to the discovery of new species. Until recently, no one had even SEEN a Kraken, it was only known to exists from its body remains. And the Colossal Octopus, a carcass of which may have been found in the 1800’s, may yet be discovered. See

Except that we’ve never found any fossils that look like this, and this thing is fresh, or as fresh as it can be, so I doubt its prehistoric.

New species, possible, we’ll have to wait to see if more bodies like this come up. Damn whoever gene spliced it had some pretty gnarly crack in their system though.