MySpace "suicide"

Long URL short’d

Personally, I think the dude’s just an attention getter.

But that’s just what I have to say.

His myspace is <a href=“”>here</a>
I do believe someone makes it a redirect somewhere. I think some hackers set it up to piss off people. <-- i think that one is register only.

If you’re gonna make it a big deal about killing yourself, it will be one, so, while I do have sympathy for those affected by it, he has none of my sympathies.

Nah this would be about attention if he didn’t carry through, which he did.

Why post about it on myspace, then?
Some people would argue that a man is only measured by what legacy/effect he leaves behind.

Edit: Like I said before, this was both an attention getter, and a truthful suicide note.

Edit2: A sidenote, what he mostly did was start a huge ytmnd fad that’s insulting him and making fun of him.
Excerpt from one “Emo Orange” on myspace:

From: Emo Orange

Date: Dec 4, 2005 3:55 AM
Subject: do me a Favore…
Body: call the police.
adress: 4269 Oceanside Ave., Simi Valle, CA 42696
tell them to go into the kitchen and look in the juicer.
im soo sorry<3

Its pretty sad that people must take their own lives. I mean, there is stuff he probably hasnt and wont be able to do now that he is dead. Sucide should never be the answer, there are other ways, although people say there arent, there are, they just dont want to believe that there is.

Also, the original note was as such:

Date: Nov 29, 2005 8:14 AM
Subject: do me a favore....
Body: call the police.
adress: numbers Abadejo, Mission Viejo, CA 92692.
tell them to go down the hall to the bathrooom.
im soo sorry&lt;3

ps I’m getting all this from another forum i visit, okay

Edit: also, i’m astounded by how well NMG does at stating the obvious.

Why, exactly, is this newsworthy? Let alone internet fad-worthy?

It’s a tragedy of some proportion that’s easily made fun of, which also angers people. It’s perfect for being an internet fad.

Well, they happen all the time, so i see why its not as news worthy as some things.

My question has been answered in a satisfying manner, I hereby reinstate your bathroom and clothing priviledges.

Addendum: Also YTMND has fads for anything.

Even I in my callousness think that’s inapropriate.

Really, even though it’s cliche and catchphrased (catchphrosed?) to death, it’s the internet =\

Almost everything is on the internet…almost, its only a matter of time.

Ugh. There’ll be lawsuits over this, I’m sure…

I jsut don’t know how to feel. A little angry about everyone who takes a suicide lightly, I guess… but considering how often I’ve nearly gone through with the same (at least three attempts since I was 9), mostly I feel regret and sorrow forhim. I understand his reasoning, though I know it was stupid. But when you’re dperessed enough to actually consider suicide, you rarely think logically about what you could POTENTIALLY do. You’re often in such a state od dispair that you can’t see the good and the potential… only the negative reality.

I know I’m rambling, but I’ve been feeling more and more depressed lately, so this is really hitting me hard. Ignore this.

When I first saw it on YTMND I had no clue what it was, and I thought it was hilarious.

I heard about this whole suicide buisness the other day, and I just find it to be stupid. I mean, the kid killed himself. Big deal. I can’t stand people who would kill themselves over trivial matters like girls, or guys, or friends, or school, or crap like that. These are issues that are likely to resolve themselves in a short peiod of time. But I also can’t stand people mocking someone’s death. I basically have mixed feelings about this whole thing.

Girls can have a powerful effect. Its a lot more than just “girls” when other things involved like “commitments” and other deeper psychological intertwining issues.