MySpace "suicide"

I’m aware of these things, although I’ve never been in a relationship myself. I suppose because I have such a stong will to live myself, and don’t really have experience with things like that, my views may be a little skewed.

Love is such a unique feeling and state of mind that it is hard to describe, much less hypothesize what it must be like. When you take into consideration something that’s powerful to even take me down in terms of how it affects your will, it should potentially give you an idea of its power.

Pathologically, when you look at people in society, this can be further amplified when someone has attachments and other emotional dependencies and some people have some severe psychological disorders that arise from relationships or during relationships.

Four words: why should I care?

Emphasis on “why”.

The thing that I find most disturbing and sad about this is that when a FAMOUS person dies or commits suicide, most of you guys are all sad and broken up. You wish that FAMOUS person rest in peace and stuff. Yet, when some random person dies you guys’ don’t give a shit and call that person an idiot. It is just sad.

Personally, anyone killing themself is an idiot, famous or not. Death is a topic far from suicide, for me. sure, they’re both death, but that much is obvious.

I think if he read the paper, he would realize he didn’t have it that bad.

To bad though, the kid obviously needed someone to talk to.

Pretty shitty when one of your last thoughts in life was to log onto myspace and tell everyone that you’re going to die.

I think what sickens me is that a lot of those myspace members will probably exalt him after death or something.

They already are Eva.

I think killing yourself with a gun is kinda rude cuz SOMEBODY’s gonna have to clean up that mess. :no2:

You’re gonna lose all control of your bowels after you die anyway, so about the only truly ‘neat’ way to go would be to leap into the burning maw of a volcano. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Empedocles.

This is not tragedy. Oedipus was tragedy. This is pathetic, or to be kinder, pitiable.

No, he could just stick a cork up his arse since he’s already up to suicide. And then he could fill his throat with near-dry modeling clay, so he’d choke. Yeah, that’d be poetic.

The Maya had a goddess for suicide. Her name was Ixtab. :o

Anything can be trivial to you if you’re not affected. It’s not the matter itself, it’s if and how you deal with it. Someone could have his entire family die and not be affected. Another person loses his favorite plushie which was his entire life, which is enough for him to take his life away. Trivial or not, it’s easy to judge, but if a pain becomes so unbearable that someone takes his own life… -shrug- debatable. I support it in no way, but in the end, there’s nobody who could stop someone else from doing it. It remains his own decision in the end.

That’d still leave your rotting, bloated corpse to be found.

It was his life. We’ve really no right to condemn him.

Well, I can understand if someone kills themselves from REAL pain. Like… if they’re starving to death, or if they are terminally ill- they have a right to kill themselves, I suppose. It’s not necessarily stupid to kill yourself, unless it’s in the case of this guy on Myspace.

God…that’s terrible.

Okay, all you people who say he was an idiot for killing himself over somethign stupid? Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Survival is THE most basic instinct of humanity - we want to survive, and stuff. If someone goes so far as to seriously consider killing themselves, then there obviously is something deeply wrong with that person - mentally wrong. And as I have already mentioned, someone who is that deeply disturbed enough to consider killing themselves rarely has a clear enough concept of what is for the best. You think he’s a jerk for doing that since it would only cause pain for people? here’s a common view that suicidal people share at such emotional times:

“God, I can’t keep going on. Everything would be better if I were to die.”
“But wait. If I die, what about my family, my friends?”
“They’ll get over it. it will hurt for a little, yes, but in the long run, it would be better.”
“I guess that’s right…”

This is from both eprsonal experience, and discussing it with my sister and other people who share suicidal tendencies - one of whom I am sad to say finally ended her life last year.

Do NOT say someone is an idiot for taking their life. Do NOT ever try to say it doesn’t matter, or that we shouldn’t care. Death of a person is always tragic, and for someone to feel enough despair to attempt it, let alone go through with it, is a horrible thing. Life is sacred. to treat it as anythign else is jsut wrong.

God, I’m getting too damn emotional about this.

No, he’s stupid because he plastered his death note on a very public domain and let not only everyone he had contact with know, but also a whole mess of strangers as well as the media know.

Look, we all know you were at one point suicidal, but being so doesn’t give you any right to rail on people who believe differently than you. Sure, we all go through that little spot in our lives where this sort of thing crosses our minds, but you have to understand the psychological aspect of this poor kids actions.

Clearly, posting a suicide note in a public domain such as Myspace is clearly something more than just ending your life. I know that in my stage a large amount of my “pain” stemmed from a lack of attention. I often fantasized about shooting myself on someones doorstep or in the gymnasium of my school. The post on this kids Myspace sealed the deal on what this was: a cry for help and a call for attention. Nothing more.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re right in that to defy the core concept of survival and kill yourself means something is seriously wrong mentally. But keep in mind that our actions also reveal our true motivations, which can also stem from deep psychological issues which probably coupled with his other problems. This was not a simple suicide; as I stated earlier, it was a cry for help and a call for attention.