My WoW impressions (just because I can).

Go to stone talon west of XR first, around lv 18-20, then when you’re done with that, go to Ashenvale. Don’t go to ashenvale before 23-24.

Expect to get killed. A LOT.

At first, I took the Holy Tree and used holy shock. I found the ranged attack to be useful, but not useful enough. My healing was the real treat from this tree, getting mana refill on healing crits was awesome. In the end, I went Protection.

However, Paladins will step down from the tanking rights to any good warrior and have to be secondary tanks and combat healers. So end game, I could see a holy paladin having a much more “needed” place in a party over retribution (although blessing of kings is awesome) or protection paladins.

Point and case, Warriors are the best tanks and Paladins got the short end of the stick. We are not, however, without place.

There are usually way more paladins than warriors in a raid. Not only do they give some of the most useful buffs in the game, they kick ass at healing. If I had to pick between an extra warrior or paladin, it would easily be paladin.

There is only one thing to be said about what class to play.

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Isn’t that mroe about race and gender rather than class?

That’s a Succubus, not a person :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a pet for the warlock class.

I have decided to get this game. Picking it up this weekend. What server are you guys on?

I was thinking of being a Nightelf Druid. Druid, cause I always played as a Druid in Diablo 2, and Nightelf, because Nightelves are badass.

Gnome Warrior for the win!

I’m Alliance on Blackrock and Horde on Smolderthorn.

And so Night Elves outnumber the entire horde by even more now.

You guys realize Battlegrounds are going to be forcibly balanced right? So you alliance who outnumber us 3:1 are just going to spend three times as long waiting for a spot. Just something you might want to think about when picking a faction. On the other hand, no, join the alliance. Just an extra slot for me.

Also, some of us play on Dragonmaw (Horde), but there is no longer a RPGC guild, and I’m not sure how many still play on the server. But it’s a pretty good server on the whole, if you like PvP.

Well only Night Elves and Tauren can be druids. Also factions are pretty balanced on the servers with a few exceptions. It’s nothing like the census sites out there say it is. Anmy way I play Dethecus almost exclusivly, very small server 30 people total may be keyed for onyxia, and only a couple of MC bosses have been beaten. It’s definatly a server for firsts since not much gets done.

Kil’Jaeden for PVP. I dont know if the RPGC server is a pvp one or not. Be safe and come on over to me, Kalius, and Lanyx’s server.

Kil’Jaeden is pretty cool, and the constant PvPing with the best allow me to better learn my class and improves. Thats what I like in it.

Got the game. Been expirementing with the classes, and so far, I enjoy the Mage the most.

I am a level 7 Human Mage on Kil’Jaeden.


Whats your character’s name? I’ve got the following that you may find me as:

Izlude - 54 Paladin
Laguna - 34 Hunter
Moya - 15 Rogue

I’m currently playing Moya the most as I really like rogue and wanted to have one on a PVP server.

paladins are the night elves of classes. I hate them.

Bethelaul - 07 Mage

But I am right now trying out a Gnome Warlock.

People hate paladins for lots of reasons, I hate them becaues most people play them and try really really hard to deal damage, but thats simply not what a paladin is about. (in the traditional sense at least, most of the real damage comes from Holy damage…)
I prefer a more solid means of dealing damage. Rouge with high agi (and later on, high crit rate).

In other news…
Mage > Warlock

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