My WoW impressions (just because I can).

It wasn’t that I wasn’t cuasing enough damage though. The guy just kept attacking with spells that slowed my movement that I had a hard time getting close enough to hit him. If I had been a Warrior, I doubt that I would have won since I wouldn’t have been able to survive his spell onslaught. With the healing spells, I was able sort of drain his MP so that I could eventually get close enough and kill him. On normal bad guys I’ve been fine, it was just the PvP guy for the reasons I’ve already mentioned.

Heh, I don’t mean to shit on paladins or anything, but in endgame they dont tank or usually even melee. They stand back and heal : \

Paladins might have more to do when battlegrounds come out. They are one of the classes that is overpowered early on and balanced/somewhat weak at higher levels.

Son of a bitch. What is a good class at high levels then?

Heh, Vorp. In largescale PVP they run up, consecrate, and melee until they are low on life, and then they shield and heal, then continue meleeing.

Edit: And dont forget the large amounts of healing other party members.

So are Paladins good or bad at later levels? I should add that I like physical power and something that others like having in a party if that helps.

Paladins have AWESOME buffs if they are correctly specced (I can’t remember which tree…). They also make really good healers. But you aren’t gonna do a whole lot of meleeing/physical power stuff unless you’re PVPing. People love having paladins in their party, the only thing is that there are about 50000 of them.

So what would be a good alternative. Also, when I get to high levels, I plan on attacking the other side a lot. I just want to know what jobs would best fit my desires at higher levels sicne the Paladin is doing it for me right now.

You like attacking, and you like being wanted. A mage is for you. They have awesome DPS, and in the endgame, you can almost never have enough of them. Not only do they do good DPS, but they can polymorph, which is awesome CC in certain areas. And the AoE… Ohhhh the AoE… they also dominate largescale PVP.

Hunters are also great in groups they have great DPS, decent Crowd Control, and can offtank stuff for a bit. And with their pet they are quite fun to play. Their damage per second (DPS) is awesome and the pet adds to it (pets are getting buffed in the future also).

Mages are awesome large scale PVP as was stated, though rogues are awesome 1:1 PvP. Paladins are pertty fun, but they are slow as anything to level. I tend to lose focus questing on mine and at times will alt tab in battle because they are the survivor class, and well I can. Nothing really happens. It’s a pain to actually kill them. Druids seem to be getting better every patch too definatly a fun class since there is a ton of freedom to mix it up while playing. They are also not too bad in PvP. Fury/Arms warriors are very nasty PvPers though they sacrifice a lot to killing and DPS over tanking. Priests can be good at PvP, and you’ll always get instance and party invites.

Though expierence is the best teacher. Make one of everything You have plenty of slots to do so. I have test characters acting like my own guild, just supplying each other like crazy really helps curb a lot of costs.

Retribution Paladins have Blessing of Kings, best fucking buff you’ll ever get from any tank. lol

Yeah, now that I think about it, Paladins ARE pretty cool… ~.~

You forgot the part where they are almost as popular as rogues. : \

Haha, no where near as popular as rogues.

Since I’m seriously considering getting WoW as soon as I deal with my bitchy graphics card and schizophernic OS, I have to ask this: Is Holy Shock worth it, or would I be better off putting talent points elsewhere?

Hunters are sadly very impopular for instances, if I didn’t have a good group of friends to run instances with because they already KNOW I know how to play my class well and can contribute good firepower and skills, not to mention that I know how to not screw up/hit the polymorphed/sapped/shackled dude. Hunters are often unwanted because all they bring to a party is ranged DPS, and granted it’s ALOT of ranged DPS if they got a good bow or gun, but that really is all there is.

The stings are not as good as some other debuffs/DoTs, and with the limit, people rarely want a hunter taking more than 1 debuff slot with something, usually Hunters Mark. Our stings are good in PVP, viper sting can screw up the low caster classes (Other hunters, even druids and paladins, shamans too I guess but I play Horde and never fought one) while serpent adds easy extra damage which combined with a wellplaced immolation trap can do a fair bit, scorpid can lower a warrior or rogue’s DPS nicely too. We get Flare and Hunters Mark, great tools to find sneaky rogues and prevent them from hiding again. Rapidfire is a superfast cooldown ability that helps us wear and tear a boss apart FAST, as when you have over 100 ranged DPS, +40% attack speed for 15 seconds means you become a gatling gun for 15 seconds. If you’re in the marksmanship path, we got more range than any class save mages that take the range upgrade talent. Our pets ARE a DoT in a sense, one that can also draw aggro away from us and help us offtank something for a given time, but the pet can never really match a defensive warrior in sheer tanking capabilities.

Our weakness is obvious: Hunters are ranged attackers, their melee capabilities are still halfdecent, but they are not exactly the type to make you gape in awe. We get about 3 times the amount of ranged techs that we get for melee (For the record, I got 4 melee techs, and one of them does no damage and only lowers my threat.) so in PVP we need to keep out of sight or range, and use Concussive Shot and frost trap to slow them down enough that they can’t reach us instantly. In PVE, we just gotta watch our shots and make sure the warrior keeps the aggro, it takes practice but it becomes easier with time.

In the end hunters easily have a greater DPS than most other classes… Especially with the better guns. And hunters are almost as popular as rogues, there are always like 2-3 in the tier 0 instances.

Manus: Holy Shock is fine, but you need a gigantic mana pool for it. There are tons of other things you couldbe doing with your mana, and holy shock sucks it up faster than you might think.

I was wondering; around which level can you finally start moving into contested areas and fighting the opposite side?

The first area you’ll probably actually see horde around your level (And all those ?? gankers) is Ashenvale. At least in my experience. Ashenvale is like 22-30

You can go wherever you want at any level. Just expect to get killed a lot. The other day there was a level 2 dwarf running around gadgetzan in tanaris, a level 40-50 area. He attacked a shaman with lightning shield on and died immediately. he also kept attacking the wyvern master. Whenever the wyvern master is attacked, two wyverns appear to help protect him. Eventually there was a big cloud of about 8 wyverns around him.