My WoW impressions (just because I can).

I’m really digging it so far. It’s got a lot of nice elements and is fairly acctive.

One thing that just pissed me off about FF11 and makes it hard to play is that it is so slow. It takes way too long to heal and you can’t do anything while healing. In WoW, you heal fast and as you move, much like City of Heroes. It’s a nice change of pace and allows me to play much more. Battles are pretty much like City of Heroes which is nice. However, WoW has many other elements that make it more complicated (which is City of Heroes’ biggest flaw).

Another thing is that battles aren’t a big of a deal. You can just enjoy them and not have to worry much since the penalty for death is just a long walk back to yourself. I dig this lot. It makes it very easy and possible to explore. If you are too weak, the area will tell you and you won’t be able to progress much into it.

I’m digging the lack of load times and the world. I’m still only on level 10, but it’ll be cool when I get to interact more with the Alliance (since my character is part of the Horde). I’m looking forward to becoming more powerful and just wrecking havoc on Alliance towns. In the areas that I have seen of the Alliance, it actually feels like in the strategy games and I’m just one of the grunts. This will be pretty cool.

I like the amount of quests that there are. It makes the game feel more like a normal RPG and tehre are just other players around. I also like how they give you experience points for completing them rather than quests just be activites you do for prizes or the make experience building more fun.

I also like how the race doesn’t really affect how good you are at a job. Each race is different and has its strengths, but they can all do each job just fine.

I do have some problems with the game, but they are fairly minor. First of all, you run way too damn slow. It takes too long to get to places. I dred having to go from place to place. Second, I wish that the level cap was higher. I’m already at level 10, I’m a sixth of the way through. Now granted I still have 50 levels to go and it will take a while, but I still wish that there was a higher level cap. Other than that, it’s pretty cool and good. Maybe I’ll think of something more later.

So how about you guys? What are your thoughts?

Yeah, running sucks :stuck_out_tongue: You can buy a mount at 40 and then an epic mount some time after you are level 60 though. They speed things up quite a bit. Sometimes I wish the level cap were higher too, but I really do like it where it is. Hitting level 60 is basically starting an entirely new game that is 500 times more fun. There are tier 0 instances that start at 60, then tier 1, then 2, and up to 6. The endgame stuff is going to be HARD. And I can’t wait.

WoW is D2 in 3D. Most people are mean to eachother. It’s cuthroat for the items, but you have to roll to win them, and MF runs require 10 people for brs/scholo/stratholme. wee

Lol… MF runs? Of course the items are goign to be cutthroat, you probably play with morons. Get a good guild and only do stuff with them and it’s awesome. Hell, even the public groups I hosted weren’t as bad as that. You’re seriously playing with the lowest of the pack if you’re not even doing NbG. And if you honestly think WoW and D2 are the same… well… you’re retarded. :frowning:

(By the way, BRS/Strat/Scholo is still lowbie-game. You haven’t even touched the high-level content)

What’s a MF run?

NbG has its problems…it isn’t so much “need” as it is “ability to use item”. Higher armor class characters can roll for lower armor classes. And characters who can use more types of weapons are also favored.

The running is a massive pain in the ass, also as a warrior you’re one of the only classes without a skill to shorten travel times. It will make you love your mount though. :stuck_out_tongue:
Getting lots of flight paths will help too, but at the point you’re at (And it’s going to get worse when you reach the Barrens) it’s the worst. It’ll get better though.

Don’t worry about the level cap, it seems small right now because the first ten levels FLY by. I assume so you can pick up another class and get a feel for it rather quickly.

Money farming run methinks. People who play World of Warcraft a lot like to abbreviate everything.

MF running was Magic Find running back in D2. It’s a D2 term, not a WoW one. And Vorpy, that isn’t how NbG works. It isn’t Rolloneverythingyoucanuse (Greed), you don’t roll if you aren’t going to use it 100% of the time, and if no one rolls after that then just greed it.

Oh so true. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, Info, running sucks for now, but you’ll get used to it, and when you dont mind running across an entire map, you’ll get a mount. And you’ll be like “holy cowz0rz this is fast!” and so on.

No, that’s Guild Wars. WoW actually has 2 M’s in it’s genre.

The running fucking sucks. That’s why people pay so fucking much for their mounts (80g). The levels get gradually harder to get as you’ll see. And for the love of God, don’t become a blacksmith.

Oh yeah, I highly reccomend alchemy-herbalist for a warrior.

Cool, because I’ve already got Herbalist for my Warrior, but nto alchemy yet. I was still deciding on what to take.

Mining is also a good choice of profession. Being a miner without a corresponding profession to consume the metals (blacksmithing or engineering) means you won’t be crafting stuff, but you can sell the metals for a good amount of money.

Running does suck, until you get your mount, then you’ll totally be like: “Holy crap, I’m running way faster than all you n00bs, owned” and you’ll probably just run around the low level zones while they gawk at you and proclaim you their ruler.

And yes, the first 10 levels blow by but the rest can take you a really long time, and if you aren’t having fun with your character for a bit, it’s easy to just make an alternate one and take a break. And once you are level 60, the game doesn’t stop their, there are instances with epic bosses to face and new items to obtain. And as a warrior you won’t have as many problems finding groups along the way as rogues have.

If you’re a rogue you’ve either just gotta A: Make yourself known and get a lot of friends B: Kick ass or C: Be in a good endgame guild.

Hidden Choice D: All of the above

Chocobos, Airships, Warp and Teleport owns WoW!

Wow, I’m fucking loving being a Paladin. I’m got a Paladin on Blackrock (which I’m making my main character) and he is fucking to fun to play as. I lvoe how he may not be as strong as a Warrior, but he’s got abilities to boost his stats nicely. His heal is nice too. I was battling this one Mage on the same level as me after he challenged me. I had just finished a battle so I was a little low on life, but nothing significant. The Mage kept using his ice spell to slow me down and then running so that I couldn’t get clsoe enough to hit him. My healing kept me alive long enough to wear his MP down (and my MP kept regenerating pretty fast that I didn’t have to worry about not being able to heal) and I beat him because of it. I just wore him down so much. It was pretty cool.

I feel spoiled now being able to create a bunch of characters for free (unlike FF11). I like being able to try a bunch of different setups without having to delete my character to test everything. I also like being able to switch it up when I don’t feel like playing as a character. Best of all, I can easily play on the servers that you guys are on. No random server shit.

However, notice the severe server load problems that WoW has, and FFXI didn’t. It’s not that bad in the EU servers though, we’ve got like 6 low-medium pop PvP servers.

Unfortunately, thats what paladin damage is all about. Forever. Not even retribution paladins can deal enough damage to make soloing fast. I gave up on my paladin at level 54 and tried to do Hunter. Got to 34 with him and now switched to Rogue… And damn, rogue just keeps getting faster and faster…

I’m not saying that Paladins are bad, but that just be warned, they do NOT do damage. ~.~

Then again, no other class in the game has made me as happy in a party as Paladins. Playing a Protection paladin (with some retribution and a TINY bit of holy) I’ve found myself tanking much better than any warrior I’ve partied with. Cheers to the Paladins, they arent for everyone, nor should they be. And to those who brave the slow grind, the end product is a razoredged rock that you simply cannot kill! :victoly: