My, how time flies.

Well, looks like it’s time for my anniversary here at RPGC once again. Yep, it’s been exactly two years since I first came onto these Forums, acted like the dumbass 15-year-old gir I wasl, and So on. And, since I haven’t a single original bone in my body, I’ll go with the old stand-by: People, ask me any question you want answered, and I’ll do so. Any question asked from here until Midnight of the 28th (my time) will be answered. as the 28th marks my 17th anniversary of life, as well, so why not celebrate that as well?

Isn’t this just a happy, festive time for all?

I wish I remembered what day I got here. All I remember is that I was 12 :\

If you could kill one person and get off scot-free, who would it be?

If you came here when you were 15, and you’re not yet 17, how does that make three years?

(roffle 1337 posts)

yeah, yeah, I messed up the time tables, I meant 2, alright?


You mean two years right? Or am I confused?

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Congratulations Val,i hope you stay in this site for a long time.

But for the questions:
1:How did you first arrive here?
2:Why did you decide to stay?

I will post more as they come to mind.

I’ve been here damn near 3 1/2 o.O

First of all, congratulations on your second RPGC anniversary, V. Mine was in april, but I totally forgot about it. 8P

Here are my questions:

Have you enjoyed your stay here?

How do you feel you have changed as a person in that time?

I’ll have more stuff for your BD tomorrow. Hope you like it!

:get it?: VE: Queen for a Day!

Try a little over 2…your join date says June 24, 2002.

(To Steve)

I didn’t join the boards til about a year after I got into the chat, which was back with, around 9th grade (I’m a senior this coming year) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but the chat pales in comparison to the power of the forum.

I was in the chat then, Steve, and I honestly don’t remember you.

Did we even have a chat 3 and a half years ago?
Well, I guess we did, but it was pretty new back then I believe.

congrats val.

ok question time

pulls out q cards

think fast!

sega or nintindo?

two piece or one piece?

godzilla or king kong?

fantasy or reality?

wings or gils?

mogs or moombas?

squal or cloud?

ice cream or pizza ?

:moogle: fight or flight?

Why are you still here? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you haven’t. I’ve been here almost 3. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been here since a wee bit past 1843.

Back in the day when the internet was made of paper cups and string and everyone wore tuxedos even when they were swimming?