My Game

I’m tired of games trying to be deep! If I made a game, here’s what it’d be:

<font size=“6” color="#f2b400"><b><u><i>Godhand Samurai: Chrono Killfest</i></u></b></font>

  • You are <b><u><i>INVINCIBLE</i></u></b>
  • You are <b><u><i>ALL POWERFUL</i></u></b>
  • Your Katana can cut holes in Space-Time and travel to a number of different time periods
  • Gameplay would be uninterrupted by shitty half-plots and cinematics, it would be <font color="#ff0000"><b><u><i>PURE CARNAGE</i></u></b></font>
  • The object of the game is to <b><u><i>KILL AS MUCH AS YOU CAN</i></u></b>
  • You will have special abilities, like Timefreeze which lets you stop time for a few seconds, Bulletproof which lets you raise your hand and stop all projectiles coming toward you only to turn them into heat-seeking balls of molten metal to shoot back at whoever fired them, and Timecut which lets you cut holes in Space-Time and travel back and forth through different periods
  • You will be able to <b><u><i>GO ANYWHERE YOU WANT.</i></u></b> You can sprout demon wings and fly, jumps last until you let go of the jump button, you can wall run without even using a wall, all you need is air!

This game would have three modes: Story Mode, Time Match, and Versus

  • In Story Mode (One Player), your objectives would be to stop certain disasters, like the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs, by using your special powers
  • In Time Match (Two Players), you would have unlimited Timecuts. The objective would be to travel through time <b><u><i>KILLING AS MUCH AS YOU SEE AS FAST AS YOU CAN.</i></u></b> Whoever kills the most in a certain amount of time is the winner.
  • In Versus (Up to Four Players) you would fight <b><u><i>EACH OTHER</i></u></b> to the <b><u><i>DEATH</i></u></b> using your Godly powers in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo.

Tell me you wouldn’t buy this game!

I don’t know what you were on when you came up with this idea but I’m ordering my batch.

I wouldn’t buy this game, because I’m going to fucking make it!

I’ll take one for every system ever created. Just to see the improvements possible with each new piece of hardware.

I’ll buy several thousand and make a fort out of them and a sign that says “NO FAT CHICKS.”

Edit: game needs more clones and hookers and banjos.

Ediytttt: and mops.


<strike>On the request of Epic Gamer and Evangelion, here are two new features:

  • The game would be rated UV, for Ultraviolence. We don’t want little kids playing our AWESOME game, so it would only be sold to people 40 and up with ID.

  • You would be able to FUCK anyone you want! Wanna have sex with Emperor Meiji’s Mother? It’s all yours!</strike>

I’ve decided to leave these features out. I wouldn’t want to limit our fanbase so severely, and the sex would take away from the point of the game: <b><i><font color="#ff0000"><u>KILLING EVERYTHING EVER.</u></font></i></b>

Eva suggested the second one, didn’t she?

This is the awesomest thing I’ve ever heard of. LET’S GET TO WORK!

Hey everyone needs to take time out of a great adventure for some loooovin’. Don’t judge me Pierson!

It needs a design mode!

I also plan on making it so everything in the game is interactable. I mean like throwing mountians and shit.

Of course I don’t Eva. That’s for our vengeful and prudish God to do. <3 Eva.

Also I want to see the feature of Cardboard Tubes, Nuclear Swords which go off with a nuclear explosion when you hit someone with them, and some form of really REALLY spikey whip that you can hook around terrain, then enemies, so you can hang them from the ceiling n’stuff.

Hey, I never said 40 and up, that was all you, I mean like at least 18 and up. Damn kids.

The game will need every form of weapon ever to exist to be usable, even if the katana remainsthe primary weapon.

Can I steal nuclear super weapons from the future and use them to terrorize cavemen in the past?

Yes, but GWB will come back in time and claim you to be a terrorist wielding weapons of mass destruction. But you can slice him in half, just as with anyone else.

<img src=“”> Hey Hades, what happened to your idea of making the samurai travel to the 17 centuary to battle tanks with his ninja sidekick, Jesus?

As for my idea, have a cybernic Budha try to take over the race to the New World by sending his robotic Metal Gear Rays after Columbus. You can have the samurai fight him with new ally, Genghis Washiton, the love child of Genghis Khan and George Washiton’s clone from the future.

Hey guys, when did this become a fucking fan-game? Do we look like suggestion takers? We’ll make it. You can just go twiddle your thumbs over there or make your own game!


Well, I don’t care which console it’s coming for. I’m buying it, and any necessary console…

Even if the game becomes so massive that it requires a console specifically designed for it to run :stuck_out_tongue: