My Game

I see that happening. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gratuitous violence and godmoding…yay~! :biggrin:

So what happens when you enter a cheat code?

You get extra characters Ryu Hayabusa and Hotsuma from Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi respectively.

So Hades. Can you give us some controls? I assume there will be tons of ways to kill things. They might be some pretty extreme controls, and difficult combinations for special moves.

Up Down Left Right Left A B --> Kick.
Down Right Right Down B X Y --> Fist.

*Nod, nod.


Cool i want one.Pleeease? Come on

We haven’t decided on a console yet, so no control information is available.

<font size=“7”>©</font>

Is that all you say!? On your guard! :enguard: (Is that what en guard means?)

I wouldn’t buy it. I’d mooch it off some rabid fanboy whom I know would buy this game.

Even better!!!ALL HAIL IGATONA!!!^ >^

It stinks!

Would you be the one who would get ripped off?

Would you be able to wear as much/little clothing as you want and would you, and the manjority of the characters you fuck/kill be hot, sexy, and very alluring?


Unofrtunately, the sex was removed from the game it seems. It seems like it’ll be the next fable in terms of losing lots of features by the time that the game is actually made >:(

That’s what YOU think. H4X0000RZZZZ


Will there be robots with action missles?
And what about a rival samurai that is about as powerful as you

Ok I’m not getting this.

The main character doesnt seem powerful enough.