My dream of the perfect Zelda....

First off, no matter how much I bash certain parts of tWW, calling it utterly pathetic, etc., etc., I still absolutely loved this game, and it is easily one of the best I’ve ever played. It just has a lot of flaws :wink:

First off, the difficulty. Sure, tWW, had one of two slightly hard parts, like fighting 4 Darknuts on the last floor of the Savage Labyrinth, but overall, this is quite possibly one of the easiest games I’ve ever had the joy of owning. I don’t think I’ve EVER died in the game, and only actually needed to use one of my fairies about 4 times: Twice in the Savage Labyrinth, once during the last battle, and once because of an enraged giant pig. Now that’s pathetic, that I can go through the entire game without dying ONCE. Pitiful, I tell you.

I want the next Zelda to be difficult. I want my enemies to do a half heart of damage… at the least. I want enemies like Darknuts, Iron Knuckles, and bosses to do about THREE hearts of damage. At the very LEAST.

I want puzzles and mazes that actually make me think.

I want the Savage Labyrinth to return, since it was awesome :wink:

Next off… When the King of Hyrule, otherwise known as Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, told me that I needed to collect the 8 pieces of the Triforce of Courage, I was very happy. I expected another eight dungeons. Whenever I saw the status screen, and that empty triangle-shaped hole, I anticipated lots of dungeons where I needed to find pieces of the ToC. Alas, I was sorely disappointed. All I needed was a lot of money, and to complete a few sidequests to get the Triforce charts found and deciphered. And then I needed to cruise around on the ocean a bit and pull them out of the water. Again, pitiful.

By the end of the game, I was thoroughly sick of puny little islands. Seriously, out of all those islands, OUTSET had the most land exploration, outside of the dungeons. Despite how huge the overworld really is, were you to squish all the islands together, I doubt it’d be any bigger then OoT’s explorable area. Now that’s utterly pathetic. Looking at the scenery outside of Hyrule Castle really made me realize how much land exploration in tWW would have amazed me.

I want the next game to get rid of the boat-riding altogether. Seriously. And (I can wish, right? :wink: ) I want an overworld almost as large, yet I want all the different areas to be unique. I want different types of habitats, like deserts. I want swamps, that stretch on for a long time, with bogs, and all that stuff, yet enough room to actually fight and talk to NPCs. Forests, like those misty woods on top of Outset Island… those were awesome. I want a return to LttP-style woods, with mist floating around the trees, lots of stumps to explore, paths leading off into the forest… Mountains ranges, like Tal Tal Heights from LA, only in glorious 3D celshading, riddled with caves, passes, cliffs, etc., etc. Fields stretching off in all sorts of directions, with pot holes, small clumps of trees, rickety wooden towers stretching into the sky… I want ravines, valleys, cliffs, and huge castles like Hyrule Castle from tWW, which you sadly only see every once in awhile, and don’t really see much of. I want a return to Lake Hylia, only larger then ever before, with underwater caves and other, similar, things…

I want the land to feel even more alive. Sure, tWW felt more alive then any other game I’ve ever played, but it could have been so much more… I want small hermits living in the woods, I want an LttP-style Kakariko village, which spreads over a large area, with the Lost Woods infringing on the side, and with a pond in the middle…

I want camp sites areas out on the plains or mountains that I can visit, I want at LEAST 4 other human villages, besides Kakariko village, not even counting whatever settlements other races like the Zoras or Gorons have built up.

I want lots of enemies, and I want to see some more of the old bosses. I want to fight Vitreous, Kholdstare, Dark Link, Gleeok, Aquamentus, etc., etc. Even some of the more recent ones, like Volvagia.

Remember the 2D Zeldas? How most parts of the overworld have enemies? I want enemies to populate the OVERWORLD too. In the recent games, you’ll find very few enemies outside of dungeons. I want to be ambushed by Moblins while riding through foothills on my horse, I want the old-school Octoroks, which are actually landbased, to start shooting at me…

I want longranged enemies again. I want Moblins that throw their spears or shoot arrows at me, like in LttP or LA. I want this vast world to be populated with tons of monsters in ANY wilderness areas, not just in the dungeons and a few parts of the overworld.

And, unlike in OoT, I don’t want to have to go through small tunnels to enter places. I want most areas to just be open to the overworld, until there is no way to tell where the “overworld” begins and the individual areas begin. tWW proves that this can be done, after all, there is no screen-switching between sections of the sea, or if you want to land on Outset Island, you can easily do so without worrying about having to load anything because it’s a “new” area.

Like LttP, there would BE no overworld. There would BE no Gerudo Valley. Everything would be one and the same.

I want to see the return of some of the cool items which are rarely used more then once, like the Fire and Ice Rods, or the Bombos, Quake, and Ether Medallions.

Oh wait, I never touched on the graphics. Let me tell you, this would ONLY work correctly with the celshaded style used in tWW. That fit the series PERFECTLY, and it would fit my vision of the perfect game even better.

In short, what I want I’ll never get… :frowning: My dream of the perfect Zelda, will never be… I’m sure you all feel so sorry for me too :wink:

<img src=“”> It’s a Zelda game. They aren’t supposed to be difficult.

Yeah, it’s supposed to be that shitty.

<img src=“”> I never said Zelda games are shitty, I just said they aren’t very difficult. You know, family game and all that.

The games still suck. I only enjoyed OoT, and that was because I had no other games.

my only suggestion to nintendo would be: if you make a sequel to wind waker, DON’T make the overworld 90% water!

Yeah sailing takes too long.

Until you get teleportation

Heh, the first time I played through the game, I loved sailing. Now I’m playing through the second-quest… augh. It’s the most annoying thing in the world.

The original Zelda wasn’t too easy…

Never had trouble with Zelda games, unless I was trying to get some hidden item or whatever. That, and the Bottom of the Well in OoT. Damn, that place was scary! O_O

Ohhhh yeah… that place was freaky. shiverS( But hella fun.

The redead still scare me at night.

I disagree about it’s supposed need to be easy. It’s a puzzle game. If it has no challenges, there’s no point in buying it.

I liked WW.

But I also play Master Quest and the bottom of the well disappointed me. All of the invisible gaps in the floor were visible. Where’s the fun in that. That and I could do the Water Temple by only going into half of the rooms. The other stuff was just for the skulltulas and I said hell with that.

Master Quest was not as… complete as the original OoT. Not was well designed. Not as intuitive. The onmly reason it’s been so well-received is because it’s a remixed OoT, and Zelda fans love OoT.

As for tWW, I loved it, it’s flaws were jsut many, and noticable.

I thought the Water Temple (in OoT) was one of the hardest things to try to get through in any Zelda game, or any game whatsoever. I have to commend Nintendo for making it.

the only thing i don’t like in WW is the abusage of sailing involved. else, it’s my favorite zelda game so far.

I was amazed at how easy tWW was: It is too easy - however, it could just as easily be made too hard, and thus quickly get frustrating and boring.

While the sailing got annoying after a while, I don’t want them to make a game without any ocean and islands: I want there to be continents, and cosy islands with small quiet villages. Continents would also make changes in the enviorment all the more likely: An artic continent, a desert contient and so on.
It would also be lovely if they incorpoated flying somehow: Imagine the picturesque scenes as you fly across the wide planes, and forests beneath you.

I hope they keep the cell graphics, if only because it made Link and the other characters more alive than they have been previously.

you mean like a typical rpg?

Actually, I wrote this about 2 and a half months ago… the night I beat tWW, in fact.

I have since changed my mind about the no water thing, and am basically of the same opinion Nulani is on the subject.