My Country Needs Me - (Going away for quite some time.)

Yessirreebob, Ol’ Mabatsekker’s gonna start his military service tomorrow. (You have noticed this number in my sig that’s been counting down, right?)

“Why are you going to the military, you likeable pacifistic drunk?”, you ask. Well, I answer, “Why, Finland has an obligatory conscription system, where you’ll a) End up in Armed service for 6-12 months, b) Civil service for 13 months, which is the equivalent of ending up in a retirement house changing diapers, or c) PRISON. B) and c), no thanks.” For actual facts and fun delivered from reading actual fact, read Wikipedia’s Entry on the Military of Finland.

Sooo… I’m going to end up doing my rookie period (and my actual training) in this place called Hyrylä, which may or may not remind you (in name) about Hyrule. Well, imagination gone haywire or not, I’ll be training to become an anti-air personnel person. That is, shooting down planes and stuff. None of that fancy Triforce stuff, unfortunately.

Soooo… It might take a week or two before I even get a weekend leave, so don’t expect to see me here often for whatever time I spend in the force. So, uhh. Goodbyes and all, FOR NOW. It’s not like I’m gone forever, you know? And don’t worry, I’ll have my sketchbook with me, so I can like, draw stuff and show it later. And those up for it, whenever I get any weekends off, I’ll be starting a military diary of some sorts in my webpage! (Link should be in my profile!.. if not,!)

So, uhh, see you later, everyone! Take care of yourselves and don’t let the meese get you!

That sucks, but try to have fun.

Leave after a week or two? WTF!? Man first my friend’s brother (he joined the Army) gets a couple of days off for Christmas and now you get leave after a week or two. Damn, I can’t even imagine. Boot camp is already fun, but it looks like you’ll have even more fun now. Have fun in boot camp! :biggrin:

I’d choose boot camp over civil service in that case, too. >.>

Good luck, Maba! May the coffee there always be good! hugs :smiley:

Well, that’s not going to stop you from getting the Triforce back anyaway, is it?

We have the same system in Norway; good thing I’m a girl. *Nod.

Heh heh, Nulani reminded me of this little gem :smiley:

18 hours D:

Well, so long ‘n’ stuff. WE DON’T HAVE A DRAFT HERE! Ahem…yeah. Good luck.

What? You leave us? :bowser:
What a shame! Hope you’ll “enjoy” your time in the army, and return well. :>

I’m lucky, anyway. even if there WAs a draft to coem here soon, I got way too many thigns going for me to keep me out of combat. Most notably severe depression, medication, and strict pacifistic ideals.

Good luck to ye, Mabat. salutes

BTW, I love the sig-pic. :slight_smile:

best of luck and do take care :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I have something keeping me out of the draft as well, if it ever comes around: An inclination to push shiny red buttons connected to nuclear silos.

I really doubt they care, and getting out on religion isn’t as easy as the last draft.

Take care.

Peace be with you, as opposed to war. Although that may be hard to avoid. I am unsure how Finland feels about the current state of things.

Your current avatar is very fitting. Not only that but it is from a Pauly Shore movie. Don’t have to much fun now.

Sorry to hear that, Maba. I would’ve taken the Civil Service in your place, but it’s your choice (or is it?) Hopefully Finland won’t get involved in any real military action anytime soon. Here’s hoping that Finnish boot camp isn’t as bad as ours. Be well, Blue Mage. :wave:

Too bad you’re not a Jehova’s Witness :stuck_out_tongue: