Music Check 2 ;D

Uum ok so it’s been what a month since I did this last? I’m gonna play the music whore again. This time I’m looking for specifically r&b/hip hop songs, like with freaking good beat. I’m going through a phase, and since I don’t know very many good songs of these genres, I’m asking some of you if you have any suggestions :smiley: Uum songs that are great too dance or boogie to is what I’m actually looking for. Good r&b mostly, with out standing beats or rhythem plz. Anyone know of any good songs?

Try what you find here .

They’re a not so evil record company.

MC Chris, holla. Get on MIRC so I can splooge you with love and MC Chris =(

Bush, Glycerine

Unfortunately, I didn’t see this in time so I assume I have missed you :frowning: But to make up for it, go record my song, biatch! flutters eyelashes

You’re looking for rap?

Tupac and NWA are the way to go.

Ugh… must…keep thoughts…to…self

runs out of thread

Yeah, I like some rap, mostly mainstream stuff. Stuff that you can kinda dance to, or at least vibe to. I’m only familiar with a couple, popular Tupac songs, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be keen on NWA :\

Ick. Me no likey mainstream rap.

I’m more of an old schooler when it comes to rap.

I second MC Chris. Great stuff.

I’m just gonna list some albums:
The Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Kanye West’s The College Dropout
Madvillainy by Madvillain

That’s All I can think of right now. If I can think of any more later I’ll post them.

Wahh, i’m still on MIRC you ho. Or give me your aim name sucka.

Ah ha, excellent. Here we go:

Troublesome 96
Brenda’s Got a Baby
Dear Mama
Tradin War Stories
California Love (not the Remix, the original version)
How do U Want It?
Only God Can Judge Me
Ambitionz Az A Ridah
Hail Mary

50 Cent
Bad News (this one features G-Unit.)
Patiently Waiting
Many Men (Wish Death Upon Me)
If I Can’t
High All the Time
21 Questions

Bone Thugs N’ Harmony
1st of tha Month
Thug Luv (features 2Pac)

One More Road to Cross
What These Bitches Want
Hey Yo Kato!
Who We Be
Thank You
Make a Move
X Goin’ Give It To Ya
Go To Sleep (featuring Eminem)

Dr. Dre
The Next Episode
Still D.R.E
Ain’t Nuthin but a G Thang
Big Egos
The Watcher
Murder Ink
Bang Bang

Loose Yourself
Love Me
8 Mile
Rabbit Run
Hail Mary (Aftermath Remix, features Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, Obie Trice and Eminem)
Til I Collapse
Role Model
'97 Bonnie and Clyde
Role Model
Sing for the Moment

Ride For This (featuring Ja Rule)
This My Party

My Buddy
I’m So Hood
G’d Up
Poppin Them Thangs
Stunt 101

Ja Rule
Down Ass Bitch
Livin it Up
Watching Me
6 Feet Underground
Love Me, Hate Me
The Murderers
Holla Holla
Race Against Time

Kanye West
Slow Jamz
All Falls Down
Jesus Walks
Through The Wire

Lil John & The Eastside Boyz
Bia Bia
Get Low
Knockin Heads Off
Throw It Up

Stand Up
Whats Yo Fantasy
You’s a Ho
Too Many Niggas
Area Codes
Growing Pains
Break Sumthin (featuring Disturbin Tha Peace aka DTP)
Welcome to Atlanta (Coast to Coast Remix)

My Country
Get Down
The Cross
Last Real Nigga
I Can
Revolutionary Warfare
NY State of Mind
Shoot 'Em Up
The Genesis
One Love
The World is Yours
Hey Nas
One Mic

Thicky Thick Girl
Country Grammar
Batter Up
Utha Side
On Tha Grind

Notorious B.I.G.
Victory (featuring P. Diddy and Busta Rhymes)
Dead Wrong (featuring Eminem)
Mo Money Mo Problems
Big Poppa

Crumblin 'Erb
Players Ball
So Fresh, So Clean
Git Up, Git Out
Ms. Jackson
Bombs Over Baghdad
The Way You Move

The B.G. - Niggaz In Trouble
Baby ft. P Diddy - Do That
Blackstreet - No Diggity
City High - What Would You Do?
D12 ft. Eminem - Fight Music
Dame Dash ft. Camron - The Champions
The Next Episode [Remix] - 2Pac, DMX, Nas
N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton
Ice Cube - We Be Clubbin
Jay Z - Renegades
KC & JoJo - All My Life
Track Boyz - Robbery
Lil Scrappy - FILA
Lil Flip - Game Over
Lil Scrappy - Get On My Level
Crime Mob - White Tee
Crime Mob - Ellenwood Area
Mario Winans - I Don’t Wanna Know
Missy Elliot - Work It
Missy Elliot - Get Ur Freak On
Nappy Roots - Aw Naw!
Obie Trice - Rap Game
Obie Trice - Adrenaline Rush
Obie Trice ft. Eminem and Dr. Dre - Shit Hits the Fan
Snoop Dog - Lay Low
T.I. - 24s
T.I. - Rubberband Man
Usher ft. Lil John and Ludacris - Yeah
Xzibit - Alcoholic
Xzibit - X
Xzibit - Spitshine
Ying Yang Twins - Say I Yi Yi
Ying Yang Twins - ATL Eternally
Youngbloodz - Damn! (And the Remix, which features Ludacris and Jermaine Dupri)
Youngbloodz - Cadillac Pimpin
Pastor Troy - Vica Versa
R. Kelley ft. Jay Z - Fiesta (Remix)
The Roots ft. Cody Chestnutt - The Seed 2.0
Beyonce - Baby Boy

Ok, so basically I just ran through my entire play list and listed you the cream of the crop. Enjoy.

RAP=Retards Attempting Poetry

Ha ha.

That’s funny.


I’m not kidding.

Rap is retards attempting poetry? Well, in it’s simplest and most juvinile and pathetic form, I guess you could be right. But then again, you don’t like the genre, so I can naturally suspect that you don’t have a fucking clue as to what the hell you’re talking about, especially since you seem to have a knack for talking about retarded shit in general (like female circumcision and fucking vaccum cleaners).

Time for a history lesson.

Now, as I’m sure you don’t know, almost all modern music is a derrivative of Blues, which originated in the Mississippi Delta during the late 40’s and 50’s. Elvis Presley caught on, and was blasted by white supremecists for playing that “nigger music”. Blues was predominatly about being put down by the white man, and how life in general had them down because they, the black people, knew that they couldn’t live up to their potential as a race due to the oppression.

Rap and Hip Hop surfaced in the 80’s during the synthesizer experiments of groups like Men At Work etc…, and through the experimentation of producers and the vocals of visionary MCs, hip hop was born. The simplicity of how a good rhyme could be developed and the lack of instruments, which were and still are quite expensive, led to rap and hip hop became a minority thing, mainly due to how inexpensive the entire ordeal could be compared to other genres.

Since Blues was about being put down, Rap naturally became about rising above your existing conditions. That’s why so much of rap is about having lots of money and lots of girls and shit, because growing up, they didn’t have money, food or stretch hummers or whatever, so now that they do have money and have all these things, it’s like giving back to the hood that they grew up in, by talking about how the situation used to be and how it is now, with the money and the girls.

It isn’t a very simple concept, and I’m sure most people understand it, and I think you would too if you’d take your dick out of the family hoover long enough to think properly. And since this is an excellent time to try and take pot shots and shit we have no idea about, allow me to say that Dream Theatre sucks monster monkey cock and balls.

WOW! That’s really something.

I especially like the way you wedged in the potshots during your “history lesson”

Thanks. I’m very skilled.

Oh? What’s that?

I do believe your vaccum cleaner is calling. Better get back to it before it realizes that there are bigger dicks out there. Namely mine.

That’s right, I’m gonna steal your hoover-fied girlfriend.

…you can keep her, man.

Upon seeing the vaccum cleaner in question, I have decided the send her to the trash heap. The suction tube was severley clogged.

Besides, I’m sure you’ve got a store room or something. Kinda like in Brave Little Toaster.