Movies in production for 2009

In case you’re wondering how the Writers’ strike (and the possible Actors’ strike that’s been rumored to be happening soon) are affecting the current production of movies, checkout this Variety article:

Hmm, I see the remake trend continue, with some really baffling choices (Witch Mountain? Land of the Lost??) Also, more video-game based movies, such as Max Payne and Prince of Persia (this last one would be Awesome if done right, but considering Hollywood’s game-to-movie track record, I dare not be too hopeful.)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine might be good. The other movies I’m not so sure about. Some you cannot tell what they will be like by the title alone.

On related news, it looks like the Strike is about to end… but don’t bet money on it yet. A deal has been worked out, but needs to be approved by the WGA members:

My guess is that it’ll still be a few days before it’s accepted, but that things will be done in time for the Oscars (on the 24th.) There’s a LOT of money riding on that one.

They’re remaking Witch Mountain!? With THE ROCK!?!?!? :open_mouth:

I have the feeling it’s going to crumble into a pile of gravel.

What the hell is Witch Mountain?

Oh hellz YEAH! :smiley:

I’m assuming it’s a remake of ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, a Disney movie from the 1970’s. It was about a couple of children with strange powers who are pursued by a man who wants to exploit them. They seek out their origins by going to a mysterious place called “Witch Mountain.” Turns out they were aliens, and their powers were telekinetic in nature. They end up being rescued by adults of their people. I believe there was a sequel, but I never saw it.

Not a bad movie to remake, but man, talk about obscure.

(Of course, this may just be a similarly-named movie… I’ll let you know when I find out more.)

Yeah, there was a sequel. I remember seeing it as a kid when the Disney channel didn’t suck. :frowning:

Originally Posted by RedComet
I remember seeing it as a kid when the Disney channel didn’t suck. :frowning:

Yeah. A lot of channels didn’t suck back in the day. ABC, Fox, The WB, Nickoloden, MTV, Scifi, TNT, VH1, and the Cartoon Network proper (instead of just AS) just to name a few.

I was right: The strike wasn’t over this past weekend, BUT it might be over by tomorrow- the WGA members are voting TODAY on whether to accept the latest deal.

If so, the strike would have lasted exactly one hundred days!

Of course, even if the writers go back to work tomorrow, don’t expect new episodes of your favorite shows for a few weeks. Some shows probably won’t be back (mostly the new ones -like “Cavemen”- that were just starting and lost their chance to build up an audience.) To be honest, the only Prime-Time shows I liked this season were HEROES and CHUCK. Those were a hit so they’re likely to return.

Cavemen had more problem than just the strike, eh?

I remember they used to show Witch Mountain all the time on the Disney Channel. I can’t remember why, but there was something about the color purple in that movie. I saw the sequel too, and of course, since I was six I loved it.

Heh, at my job, we always talk about that one Disney movie called Smart House, you know, with the floor which could eat trash? We’d like to get those installed.

Oh, sorry, I’m rambling.

Surprisingly Scifi Channel’s gonna add Chuck to it’s lineup as well. Which is a good thing to help offset the time lost to the writer’s strike. (Plus it worked for Battlestar Galatica and Heroes.)

(At this rate they may just become watchable again.)

It’s official, the strike is OVER! :biggrin:

You know what this means, THE OSCARS ARE SAFE!! I was afraid they might have had to delay or cancel them. Yeah, I know, it’s just self-congratulatory Hollywood fluff, yada yada. I watch it just for the jokes, SFX [strike]and exposed breasts [/strike] anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cavemen had more problem than just the strike, eh?
Well, yeah, it was TERRIBLE. But even if it hadn’t been, it would’ve been badly affected by the strike keeping it off the air. Even HEROES took a hit in views last year after staying off the air a few weeks.

there was something about the color purple in that movie.
There was a remake of Witch Mountain in the 90’s that featured a lot of “purple magic” effects; I don’t think they were in the original. (But don’t take my word for it, I barely remember the first and never saw the remake.)

Oh, sorry, I’m rambling.
So are we all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of remakes, I just found out (via Wikipedia) that the LAND OF THE LOST remake will star… Will Farrell, of ELF fame. NOOO!!! :ark: Why!? LOTL was a great Science Fiction Adventure show, why turn it into a COMEDY? Curse you, Farrell, and your obsession with the 70’s!! (He’s also starring in “Semi-Pro” about a 70’s basketball team.)

Yay, Oscars.
Honestly, I haven’t had the remotest interest in the Oscars in years. Neither the awards nor the ceremony. They seem to get less and less relevant as time goes on.

The Lovely Bones is being made into a movie. By Peter Jackson.

I’ve been staring at the reply box for a good 30 minutes now trying to articulate how huge that is. And how meaningless every other movie that year will be. And how sad it is that no one has pointed this out yet because you’re all talking about Iron Man and Witch Mountain. Not that there’s anything wrong with those movies, but… The Lovely Bones with Peter Jackson at the helm. I should not have to be making this post.

Get on the ball.

I’m not trying to be a smart aleck, but since your in Canada, by default the Oscar’s aren’t going to be relevant, right?

Plenty of Canadian actors down here though.

We watch the same movies you do and we like seeing the good ones win. They never do.

American movies are far more popular than Canadian ones, to the point where the latter may as well not exist.

That’s not what makes the Oscars irrelevant to us though. It’s the fact that awards shows never get it right. The best movies and actors often aren’t nominated, Canadian or not.

It’s not just the Oscars either. Did you see Winehouse clean out the Grammies a few days ago? It’s disgraceful. I hadn’t even heard of her until then. Tool lost their only category to The Foo Fighters. The Shins lost. Feist lost. Taylor Swift lost. John Mayer and Michael Bublé lost to JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Why was he even nominated? Where was Radiohead? Where was every good album that came out in the past year?

This doesn’t seem like a Canada-gets-screwed situation to me. It’s just plain shitty programming.